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When Jason realizes that he can consume Zero Matter, and that it makes him corporeal for a moment, he convinces Peggy that he needs to consume more. It should be easy to get some. They just need to get the body frozen by Zero Matter.

While Peggy and Jarvis (and his recreational tie) set out to get the body, they cross paths with Whitney Frost, who is there herself to consume the body's Zero Matter. While hiding in an air duct, they overhear Whitney telling Calvin that she needs an atomic bomb.

Jason also realizes that Whitney's plan is to create more Zero Matter using the atomic bomb, something that they need to stop. 

Peggy, Daniel, and Jarvis are joined by Rose and Dr. Samberly in an epic heist that takes them to Roxxon in order to diffuse two atomic bombs. 

When a door locks unexpectedly, it's up to Jarvis to save the day on his own. 

Peggy and Whitney come face to face and results are nearly fatal to Peggy. 

Daniel brings Peggy to his fiance, nurse Violet, to stitch Peggy up. When she sees Daniel's concern for Peggy, she realizes that he is still in love with her. 


Marvel's Agent Carter
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