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The reviews are out and the book is a critical and medical success. Bill spends his time wanting to get the book turned into a textbook for medical schools. Bill reconnects with Barton to try to get Washington University on board with the idea. No surprise, he is still not welcome back. Barton has begun a new relationship with a female neighbor, and is still hiding his sexuality. Bill urges Barton to work with him because he respects him. 

Virginia struggles to juggle her hectic life. She and Betty speak to several investors, including Hugh Hefner, for the continuation of the study. They eventually settle on a man named Daniel who works in the scents business. He wants to be able to capture the scent of sex in a bottle. 

Virginia's daughter, Tessa, pretends to be more experienced in order to get a boy from school to like her, but it doesn't end well when he forces her to do something she is not ready for. 

Libby's friend and neighbor, Joy, has been planning on leaving her husband. Libby doesn't approve. Joy ends up having an aneurysm.  

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Not one of those dreams has come true, and I don't see that changing, which means the rest of my life is this straight, flat highway right into the sunset.


We killed Freud.