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EZ and Angel are in the local jail and are visited by Lincoln Potter. He tells Angel about EZ's deal. He makes the Reyes brothers a new deal to help him with a new problem, or else EZ will be exposed and Angel will take the fall. He lets them walk out and tells them he will speak with them again soon. 

Angel pulls the car over and beats up EZ and yells at him for what he's done. He asks what Felipe knows and when EZ doesn't answer, it says everything Angel needs to know. 

EZ flashes back to eight years ago after his mother died. He visits Angel who gets him a gun. He tells EZ to let all the conspiracy theories about who killed his mom go. 

Angel visits Felipe. He tells his dad that he chose EZ over him. Felipe tells him he was the one who encouraged EZ to take the deal because he knew Angel would watch his back in the M.C. He tells Felipe about how he found out and the new deal he has to do for Potter to help EZ. After talking with his dad, Angel realizes Potter's going after the rebels. 

Miguel is having his house cleaned up after the raid. He and Devante discuss how to proceed. Miguel and Emily want to move forward with their plans to team with the rebels. Devante stands firmly against it and wants to go back to the way they operated before. He urges Miguel to reconsider. 

Later, Miguel lies to him and says he will take his advice and go back to business as usual. 

Felipe meets up with EZ. He says he should've known better than to let EZ get into bed with the DEA. Felipe asks EZ what he's going to do, but EZ has no answers for him. 

Angel is trying to get in touch with Adelita and when he gets to the camp, no one is there. 

Adelita visits Father Rodrigo. She confronts him about his lies before sending in Nestor. 

Angel arrives at the scrapyard and asks Coco and Gilly if they've heard from Adelita. Before they can discuss further, Bishop tells them the M.C. has to meet with the Galindo cartel at the casino. 

Jiminez goes to his office to clean out his desk but everything's already gone. He apologizes for the way he handled things to Larry. He tells them he plans to go up north and be with his family. 

At the casino, Bishop tells EZ to go take care of the bikes but Miguel tells him to stay because they could use his photographic memory. He also tells Devante to sit across from him. 

He introduces the M.C. to Louisa aka Adelita. Devante is about to question him, but Miguel shuts him down. He tells the M.C. that this new partnership has made them trustees instead of transporters like before. Emily distributes plans to everyone to show them what the plan will look like. 

EZ shreds the documents once everyone's read them. Bishop tells Miguel that they are in. Miguel asks Alvarez to ride with him. The M.C. all shake hands with Adelita including Angel, Coco, and Gilly who pretend they don't know her. 

Jiminez visits Felipe. He gives him some information about Potter before saying goodbye. 

Emily comes back to the hotel room where EZ remains. She warns him about hurting her family and asks him not to make her choose. 

Angel thanks Adelita for keeping her word, and keeping their alliance a secret. EZ gets a message on his bike that tells him to come to a hotel room. When he arrives, Coco, Gilly, and Angel are all getting warrior tattoos.  

Angel promises EZ that he will do Potter's deal but afterward EZ must leave the M.C. and Santo Padre. 

Miguel confronts Devante about finding Cristobal's medical records, which show his baby brother died from pneumonia, not a kidnapping like Dita said. Devante takes full responsibility for it. 

He pulls the car over into an abandoned area. Devante swears Miguel's family is the most important thing to him. Miguel thanks him for his service. They get out of the car where Adelita waits. Miguel reminds Devante that he was the one who slaughtered her family. 

In order for the partnership to work, she needs retribution. Miguel goes to the car where Emily and Alvarez wait, while Nestor hands Adelita a machete. She beheads Devante.  

The rebels are at Father Rodrigo's church where they choke him to death after telling them they are putting child pornography on his computer. They stage it to look like a suicide. 

Meanwhile, Felipe burns all past memories regarding his time working for the cartel. 

EZ and Angel get a call from Potter and sends them details of their next task. He sends them a photo of Jiminez with the caption bye-bye. 

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Felipe: EZ could live the life he was supposed to have.
Angel: What about me? Do I have the life I'm supposed to have?
Felipe: You chose it. I didn't like. I never judged you. I never stopped loving you. You were my first born.
Angel: Guess I'm having trouble seeing that.

Bishop: Prospect, the bikes.
Miguel: I'm okay if Ezekiel stays. It might be useful to have someone remember the details of what we say.