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EZ visits a hospitalized Emily. They discuss the accident at the square. EZ questions whether the rebels were the ones who did it but Emily lies and remains firm that they were. Nestor spots EZ coming out of Emily's room. 

Angel wakes up and finds Alice's decapitated head on his couch. Cole has broken in. He admits to killing Alice's gang and says he wants in on Angel's side drug dealing business. 

Devante and Miguel discuss what happened at the chapel. Devante swears to Miguel he didn't know it was going to go down like that. Miguel discloses that Emily refuses to talk to him and is upset when Nestor tells him about EZ visiting Emily. 

After a brief conversation with his dad about Emily, EZ is approached by two men in a van who suggest that he follow them. EZ arrives at a deserted location where Miguel and his men wait for him. Miguel and EZ have a tense confrontation and Miguel warns EZ to stay away from his wife. 

Angel tells Coco and Gilly about what went down with Cole. He's decided to go through with Cole's offer, especially because Adelita and the rebels need the money now that they've been forced to relocate. 

Alvarez has come across some intel about who the leader of the rebels is. He shows the picture to Bishop and a couple of other M.C. members. He tells Bishop not to share this information about Adelita with other members until they find the traitor. 

Angel warns EZ to stay away from Emily. EZ wonders if he should tell Emily about her baby but Angel says once everything is settled with the rebels everyone will win. They are ambushed at the meeting Angel set up for Cole. 

He sends EZ away to get $100,000 while he keeps Angel and the Iranian couple hostage. EZ calls Coco for help. Meanwhile, Chuckie tells Bishop he is concerned about Coco and how he saw him with a Latina woman. The M.C. thinks it was Adelita. 

EZ and Coco beg Adelita for help which she refuses at first. Yet, EZ manages to make her see that Angel's in trouble because of her. 

Gilly searches through the tunnel they found last night and ends up outside the escort house where a couple of M.C. members are hanging out. 

Devante visits Emily. They talk about Miguel and Emily claims that ever since their son was kidnapped, Miguel has become a different person. Devante encourages Emily to talk to him and tell him what kind of man she needs him to be. 

EZ, Adelita, and Coco arrive at the house Angel's being held at. They give the commander the money but he finds heroin in Adelita's bag. He has the state police tie them up. The commander takes the heroin as payment and lets everyone except Adelita go. The rebels arrive and kill the commander and his men. Adelita kisses Angel before leaving. 

Cole thanks Angel for his trouble and agrees to pay them a large sum. 

Mayor Antoinette tells Bishop that Galindo is threatening to pull out of a major deal which will affect Santo Padre. Bishop comforts her and says it just because he's dealing with personal stuff. He tells her he'll fix it. 

Emily visits EZ and tells the abortion she had eight years ago was out of spite. EZ almost tells Emily about her baby before Angel interrupts and Emily leaves in a hurry. The two end up in a brawl but quickly get over their animosity. EZ promises to have Angel's back. 

Felipe finds Jiminez and tells him about his former violent life. He warns Jiminez to stay away from his family or he'll have to go back to the person who was once. He sends Jiminez pictures of a woman. 

Emily comes home and gets into a violent fight with Miguel. After he hits her, they have sex. 

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Angel: You think I could get my dick in her mouth.
EZ: Jesus.
Coco: You really need help man.
Angel: Come on, like you guys weren't thinking the same thing.

Miguel: Please don't go into strangers cars. We don't Uber.
Emily: Why don't you just make a list of what I can and can't do.