Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Xaman-Ek

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Brotherly love and the ties that bind flourished on Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2 as EZ and Angel had a much needed heart-to-heart. 

Once EZ shared his box of information regarding Sons club member, Happy, Angel had no choice other than to let bygones be bygones. 

Sure, EZ's role as an informant stung. His refusal to leave the club after Angel helped him left Angel feeling betrayed.

Beyond Brotherhood - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2

But that is nothing compared to discovering their mother's murderer. Her death changed all of the Reyes men.

Most of all EZ since her death put him on the path that he is on now. Angel was forced to realize that.

It was heartwarming to hear EZ tell Angel how much he meant to him. Thankfully, Angel was receptive and didn't shut him down.  

Angel: So, you, you just been living with this?
EZ: How the fuck was I supposed to tell you? This is the first time in eight months you've looked me in the eyes.
Angel: Yeah, I get that. Pops know anything about this?
EZ: No.
Angel: Why are you telling me now, man?
EZ: When everything unraveled with Potter, I know I betrayed you. I know staying here in the club, it kept that wound fresh. The life everyone thought I was supposed to have, the one I thought I fucked up, none of that was real. I'm not the golden boy, Angel. I stayed because I was afraid. You and Pop? You're the only thing I know in my life is real. And the club? I need to be a part of something.
Angel: You didn't answer my question.
EZ: I can't lose you, Angel.
Angel: This is the tie that binds. Most people would either put a bullet in his head or walked away from this, but this, bro, this is fucking nuts. You got arrest records, family history, timelines. Jesus Christ, you did a fucking psychological profile on him.
EZ: I had to do something. I have no proof other than what I know I saw. Couldn't take it to the cops. M.C.s relationship with SAMCRO, couldn't take it to Bishop.
Angel: And that look in your eye, brother? Its the same look you had nine years ago. Put you in this whole fucking mess.
EZ: I don't know how to do this.
Angel: You're not gonna let it go until you do. Til it's finished. And now neither will I.

EZ and Angel need to work together. They are a dynamic duo and bring a lot of heat to the screen.

Hopefully, this storyline is headed to a future where we'll see them both at the head of the table.

Mayans M.C. EZ Seeks Revenge in Season 2 Trailer

Despite their involvement in a violent motorcycle club with ties to organized crime, they both seem to be inherently good.

You can see the goodness in Angel when he interacts with Adelita. He loves her, and he loves the baby she is carrying.

EZ: Remember Dad working in Del Monte?
Angel: Sort of. I remember the day Pops opened up the shop.
EZ: Me too. He was so happy.
Angel: I don't know if Felipe has ever been happy.
EZ: Growing up in Sonora, dirt fucking poor. Pop had a rough life before he got here.
Angel: Never known anything about that cause our old man don't tell us shit. Talks to that jar of ashes more than he does his own two fucking sons.

He believes the baby is his, but there's a possibility that it's not. It hasn't been revealed what happened in the past eight months yet.

There's a reason why Adelita is so adamant about keeping the baby's paternity a secret.

Is it really because she wants to wait until they are all safe, or is it because she knows that Angel isn't the father?


Angel's comment to Adelita that her "whole life is a closed book" was very telling. She is a secretive person, so does Angel really even know her? 

Does she love Angel too, or is she just manipulating him to keep the M.C. close? Regardless, it will be very upsetting if she hurts Angel. 

We know Potter is trying to catch Adelita. The club's plan to convince him that Los Olvidados had dismantled backfired, so he is going to be gunning for her even harder now.

But he has no idea that she is working with Galindo and the M.C. Honestly, it's a bit confusing. What is the end game here?

Potter thinks Galindo is working for him, but Galindo is working with Adelita. The M.C. are running drugs and guns for Galindo but working with Adelita as well.

Multiple storylines are running in different directions, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. 

Leaders Of The M.C.  - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2

Another one that's puzzling involves Dita and Felipe. So, Felipe worked for Jose Galindo in the past in addition to being an inspector.

He got out of the cartel business, moved across the border, changed his name, got married, and had two sons.

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His two sons are now Mayans club members. EZ was in a relationship with Emily before he went to prison nine years ago.

While he was incarcerated, Emily married Miguel Galindo and had a son, Cristobal.

Dita: Our past doesn't just go away. We're all connected, Ignacio.
Felipe: Felipe.

Miguel took his father's place as head of the cartel business. The M.C. works with the cartel.

Dita apparently doesn't know about her daughter-in-law Emily's past with Felipe's son; or does she?

Felipe's wife was murdered, and it's pointing toward Happy as the hired hitman. 

Dita knew exactly where to find Felipe. If she knew he was there all along, then why didn't she visit him sooner? 

Perhaps there was more than a professional relationship between them in the past.

Is it possible that Dita found out where Felipe was nine years ago and ordered the hit on Marisol?

Their exchange in Felipe's truck told a story of two people who were, at one time more, than acquaintances.

Angel: Pops.
Felipe: Good to see you, son. Travel safe.

When Felipe asked "did you ever find out," Dita acted as if she didn't know what he was talking about, but she knew.

There is a secret between them, a big one.

Felipe tried to explain that his past wasn't a part of his life anymore, but Dita was quick to inform him that wasn't true.

She told him they were all connected. How though? What from their past is connecting them today?

Aside from Felipe's sons workig with Dita's son or Emilys past relationship with EZ. Is there something else? 

It just seems like Dita knows information that we haven't been privy to yet. 

Emily: I gave her an Ambien. She'll sleep. Maybe she'll tell us more in the morning.
Miguel: What the fuck was that today? Why go to that shop? See EZ's father?
Emily: I don't know. I've never mentioned anything. I mean, she knows we get our meat from there sometimes. She agreed to go to a shrink. Your Mom will get better, baby.

And what about EZ and Emily?

Mayans Season 1 seemed to be introducing a love triangle between EZ, Emily, and Miguel, but then it just went away. 

I thought they were star crossed lovers torn apart by EZ's sudden incarceration. 

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I'm kind of disappointed that we haven't seen more of their relationship.

A motorcycle club member who is trying to rekindle a relationship with an old flame who is now the wife of a shady cartel boss? Now that would be an explosive story.

Biker: Pretty fucking tough with a gun.
Angel: Yeah, that's why I carry one!

Clayton Cardenas stole the show this episode with his quick wit.

I laughed out loud at Angel's response to the biker who got mad because he pulled out his gun.

In a Kurt Sutter driven drama, it's nice to have a bit of comedic relief from time to time. 

The Boss - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2

How about the final scene, though?

After Angel extended his hand to help EZ off the ground and they noticed the blood on their hands?

I'm anxious to know the signifigance of that moment moving forward. 

Catch up with the Reyes brothers and watch Mayans M.C. online with us at TV Fanatic! 

Is Angel the father of Adelita's baby?

Was romance part of Dita and Felipe's history together? 

Will Angel and EZ succeed in avenging Marisol's death? 

Hit the comments below and share your theories! 

Xaman-Ek Review

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Biker: Pretty fucking tough with a gun.
Angel: Yeah, that's why I carry one!

Angel: Pops.
Felipe: Good to see you, son. Travel safe.