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A gang of teenagers wreak havoc on Midnight by defacing and destroying things. They come across Fji and Lem. The girl in the group is left behind and starts walking home. A truck starts chasing her.

The Rev is cleaning up his place messed up by the teenagers. Fiji is sleeping when a demon hand touches her, but it may have been a dream except it left a scratch.

Manfred and Creek are in bed when Manfred's windows turn to ice signaling something is around. Manfred is downing medicine to try to control his vision. he's at the restaurant when the Rev shows up. They talk about how their supernatural sides are out of whack.

One of the teenagers from the night before comes in looking for the girl Erin, who disappeared. Manfred and the Rev meet with the group about the girl and they talk about the uptick in the supernatural. Joe still says nothing. They head out to search for the girl.

Fiji and the Rev team up. Fiji confesses to the Rev about the demon she feels. The Rev tries to comfort and calm her. 

Manfred and Creek search a different section and they talk about Connor. She saw a bruise on Connor's arm. She thinks her dad has been beating Connor. They come upon a dead girl, but it isn't Erin.

Olivia and her team show up and Manfred tries to work his magic on the dead girl, Tiffany, but he can't get anything. Her spirit has moved on. They think there's a connection to Aubrey's death.

The cops are questioning the Rev about Erin. The Rev claims he knows nothing. The Rev tells Joe the others need to know about the veil, but Joe refuses to say anything to the other. He claims that if the demons find out a fallen angel is in Midnight it will spell big trouble.

Olivia and Bobo continue to search. He asks about Fiji. Olivia says there's still hope for his relationship with Fiji.

Creek and Manfred look for Connor at her place. Manfred feels something as Creek goes looking. He takes a pill to get rid of the feeling when her dad shows up. The dad punches Manfred for making a comment about the dad's drinking. He tells them to leave.

Manfred and Creek run into the Rev when they see Connor in the distance -- he seems disoriented and then passes out. Everyone is in the bathroom watching Creek taking care of an injured Connor. He tells them that someone hit him from behind. 

Fiji thinks it might be a demon. She tells them about what she's been hearing in her house. They start talking about their increase in supernatural things. The Rev shows up and tells them about the veil, but he's dressed normal. The others are not happy, but the Rev doesn't say anything about Joe being the one with the knowledge. Now the group knows.

Lem and Manfred go out at night. Lem wants to know who gave the Rev the information. Lem smells something and they go searching. They find Creek's dad with Erin who is still alive. Manfred tells Creek they found the girl and tells her about her dad and that they think he's responsible for Aubrey. Creek is obviously upset.

Lem and the others have Creek's dad tied up and are asking questions. Lem believes that he's killed many girls. 

Creek goes into Connor's room to talk to him and tell him about their dad. Lem and Olivia want to end him, Manfred thinks the dad is being affected by the fraying of the veil, the Rev tells them they can't be judge, jury & executioner.

Manfred is in Connor's room and finds a box with stuff including the mask of the guy that killed Aubrey. Erin tells Manfred, Bobo and Fiji that it was Connor who attacked her. She hit him with a rock which is why Connor was injured earlier.

Manfred and Bobo leave to talk to Creek who is with Connor. Connor insists on leaving. Manfred and Bobo get to Creek's place and she and Connor are gone. They can't get hold of her. Back at the store they question Creek's dad about where they might go. 

Creek and Connor are driving. Creek is still under the impression that Connor is running from their dad. The dad tells the Midnighters about Connor killing animals. The kid is a psychopath.

Manfred calls Creek but Connor throws her phone out the window. Creek is concerned. The group goes after Manfred who is going after Connor and Creek. Joe arrives and shows them who he really is by revealing his wings. He tells them he's going to searching for them. None of them knew Joe was an angel. 

Creek figures out that Connor is the killer. Connor tries to compare himself to the others. he thinks he's one of them. Connor is going to ram the truck into another truck to kill them but Joe shows up just in time. Lem goes after Connor and kills him.

Joe and Lem arrive back in town with Creek. The others are waiting. 

Fiji and Bobo talk to Erin about not telling anyone about the Midnighters. She says she won't lie, that she'll tell everyone the Midnighters took care of her.

Fiji and Bobo watch as Erin leaves with her mom. Creek goes to church to tell her dad that Connor is gone. She reads him the riot act about making her take care of him. She tells him that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Fiji performs a ritual for Midnight.

Manfred tries to comfort Creek. 

The Rev visits with Joe to talk about what happened. Joe isn't angry with the Rev and tells him that he used his light to save Creek and that they will be coming for him. He calls Chuy and tells him what he did and tells him to stay away from Midnight.





Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The Rev: My wereself. It's hungry.
Manfred: Every day I see more and more spirits. It feels like something weird is going on.

I feel like a demon's after me. Or I'm going crazy.