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Kate surprises Joss and Harry in an intimate moment, sticking herself to them during her unexpected trip to Los Angeles.

She comes with one goal: to hook up with a hot, preferably sexy, Latino man, before she marries the man she's been with for ten years.

She says it's just so she can experience being with someone new before she's tied down for the rest of her life, but Kate has a much bigger secret. It's revenge. Her man cheated on her, and this is her way to even the playing field.

Meanwhile, Joss deals with her and Harry's engagement in an unexpected way. She tries to have Karen and April cancel the party, and not just because of her fight with Harry and Kate.

In a heat moment of anger, Kate brings up the awkward nature of their relationship, because of Harry and Savi's previous marriage, and Joss is stuck trying to figure out how to deal with other people and their perception of her engagement to her ex-brother-in-law.

April and Marc continue to have problems as April tries to get into a competitive artist class, but her paintings don't make the cut.

Karen deals with her new role as a resident sex-pert.

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