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Cam and Mitchell had their pediatrician, Dr. Miura, over for brunch this week because they wanted to make sure she liked Lily. But the guys were in for a bad surprise when it seemed like Lily liked her too much:

She said her first word in the doctor's presence: mommy. Cam assumed it was because Dr. Miura was Asian, which led to a few funny exchanges. Our favorite gay couple was crushed that Lily didn't say "daddy," but they later found out why: she has a doll that says "mommy" when you squeeze it. Nothing personal, fellas!

Meanwhile, Haley passed her driver's test. It was her third time trying and she almost crashed the car when she forgot to place it in park afterwards... but still. Well done, girl!

Gloria tried to help Manny overcome his fear of roller coasters by pretending she was taking her men fishing - only to head over to a coaster. Turns out, Jay was also scared of them. But he and Manny overcame their fears together.

Finally, Phil and Luke went on a mission: to explore undeneath the house after a worker said there was a nice "collection" of something down there. The pair were determined to learn what it was, but Phil's determination waned then he sensed animals were hiding out down there. He tried to be brave for his son, but failed miserably. After Luke got stuck in the crawl space - he had to go down there and retreive the robot Phil had sent in to look around - the funniest father on TV got up the courage to save his son.

With both down there, the screamed at the sight of skulls and hurried out. But we later learned these were just the Halloween decorations of the previous owner.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Manny, you were afraid to light the barbecue, but now your eyebrows have grown back and your salmon is legendary!


Take it down a notch. We're just trying to make a friend not initiate a three-way.