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We've always loved Judy Greer, and she was perfect in her guest-starring role this week. As Phil's ex-girlfriend, reconnected with him via Facebook, Greer showed up at the Dunphys and seemed perfectly nice to Claire.

She even felt bad that she once believed Greer's character wanted to sleep with Claire. But everytime Claire turned her back, we saw she was right: this woman totally wanted Phil! It was hilarious to watch him ward off her advances and try to explain to Claire that her initial impression was correct. Finally, once both women looked at a photo that reminded them of their time with Phil, he had to come clean: he dated both women simultaneously for awhile. Way back in the day, of course.

Greer's Denise left in a huff about this was revealed. Phew. That was close!

Meanwhile, Mitchell quit his job because his boss was a big jerk. Asking him to come in on weekends and not even acknowledging how hard that was on the new family man, the boss forced Mitchell's hand. He hated missing out on so many milestones involving Lilly and resigned from the law firm. As you'd expect, he's now worried about what he'll do next.

Finally, Jay and Manny were on top of their games. The former accidentally killed the latter's turtle, and then came up with an elaborate lie to cover it up. He plan the death on a raccoon. Manny took it hard, unable to even get through his eulogy at the funeral Gloria and Jay organized. He blamed himself for the murder because he left a bag of chips by his bed.

After thinking Manny would quickly get over it, Jay could no longer contain his guilt. He confessed, but it was clear Manny pretty much suspected Jay the whole time. These two shared a nice moment where Jay explained he had lied because he and Manny were getting along so well and he didn't wanna ruin that.

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Women in their 30s on the internet are like ninjas. They get in their little, black outfits and try to sneak their way into your marriage.


Denise: How many other women have you led on?
Phil: I don't know now!