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Jay comes to pick Mitchell up for their father-and-son meteor shower viewing trip, and surprises Mitchell with Manny in the car.  Mitchell is initially annoyed that Manny crashed their moment, especially since Jay convinces Manny that brothers rag on each other.  When Mitchell gets sprayed by a skunk and is forced to put on Gloria's dress fromt he backseat, he's ready to go home.  Jay then reveals he took Manny because Manny's been down about kids calling him weird at school.  Jay doesn't know how to talk to Manny about it, but he figured Mitchell could.  Mitchell is able to relate to Manny and the two brothers bonds.

Meanwhile, with their men gone, Cameron and Gloria go out to dinner together.  Cameron books them a night at a nice restaurant, but Gloria wants to go to a colombian place by her old neighborhood.  After eatting too spicy of food, Cameron admits he's nervous around her because he keeps saying the wrong thing and desperately wants them to be friends.  The two bond and decide they'll start doing lunch and going shoe shopping, and then discover the car's wheels were stolen.  Nice.

Claire tells Phil they have to help their children finish their last minute school assignment: Luke need to make a Van Gogh presentation and Haley needs to make cupcakes.  Phil decides not to micromanage Luke, against Claire's wishes, while she ends up making the cupcakes for Haley.  They believe Luke has ADHD, when it's Phil that in fact gets distracted, while Luke completes an amazing project, prompting Claire to almost admit she was wrong and force Haley to bake her own cupcakes.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Mitchell: Tonight is the maginificent Lyrid meteor shower.
Cameron: It's where the planet geek passes through the nerdy way.

Alex: Luke has ADHD.
Luke: No I don't... what is it?
Alex: I'd tell you, but you'd wander off before I get to the (Luke wanders off) H.