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Fred Willard guest-starred this week on Modern Family and was an absolute riot. As Phil's father Frank, he uttered nothing but jokes and puns, which made for a lot of laughs, but also had Claire concerned. Why was he visiting without his wife?

Phil was hesitant to broach the topic with his father because their relationship is based on humor, but it finally came out in the end: Frank and Phil's mom were fine. Frank had simply fallen in love with Scout, the dog he gave to the Dunphys because his wife is allergic, during their cross-country trip together. That's why he was sad. Sort of a strange, anticlimactic reason, but whatever. The dog was eventually given back to Frank (even though Claire had fallen in love with him, after initially hating the concept) and all was well in the family.

Meanwhile, Cameron helped Dylan's band play a gig when it's drummer dropped out. He really got into character and was really great on the drums. Mitchell couldn't help but stay and watch for the entire concert, blowing off a previous engagement. But then Cam got the bad news: the drummer returned to the group and he was back to being a full-time, stay-at-home dad. Oh well. At least he got to perform for one night.

Finally, there was Manny. He got freaked out by a scary movie Jay took him to and paraded around the house with a sword in hand. He was afraid the home's perimeter was breached, and he also slept in Jay and Gloria's bed. This storyline was never really resolved, as Jay tried to have the actor from the movie come over and show Manny it was all fake, but this ended up scaring the mature boy even more when the actor knocked on the window.

Overall, a hilarious half hour of television.

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Was that the alarm? Has our perimeter been breached?


Phil: Dad, what's up?
Frank: Nothing, but these boxers are starting to ride high.
Phil: I'm in no mood for jokes... although that was a good one. You still got it.