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Phil and Jay both took issue with the basketball coach of the Li'L Dribblers this week, as the guy just screamed at Luke, Manny and everyone on the team. He then quit once he received criticism, leaving the coaching gig up to Phil...

... or so he thought. As always, Jay pushed him aside, even though Phil had actual basketball coaching experience. Stewing on the sidelines and watching the Dribblers struggle under Jay's guidance, Phil finally stepped up. Or Jay asked him to, once he realized that he couldn't handle the job. It was a sweet moment when Jay admitted that he needs to be in control and acknowledged that Phil doesn't always need help.

Phil then leaped up and drew up a play for Luke and Manny. The latter may have air-balled the subsequent shot, but, hey, it was a start!

Meanwhile, Gloria and Claire were moping around the mall together. The former was exiled from the basketball game because her "Latin blood" (as Manny put it) made it impossible for her not to humiliate her son by yelling positive encouragement at him throughout the game. Claire had a similar problem: Haley abadoned her to shop with her friends, acting like an actual teenager for a change.

The result was that both Gloria and Claire fought over how much to spoil Lily. It was cute.

By the end of the episode, Claire got her revenge on Haley by yelling to her about going training bra shopping in front of her friends and acting like your typical overbearing, embarrassing mother. It was great.

Finally, there was Mitchell and Cameron. They attended a party thrown by the very rich head of a clothing company. He offered Mitchell a job as one of his lawyers, which Mitchell really wanted to take. But he was afraid Cameron wouldn't want to leave his new, part-time gig at a greetings card store.

Turns out, Cam had been lying about how much he enjoyed being a working father. He missed Lily. He wanted his old life back. After some funny miscommunications and back-and-forths (and with Justin Kirk exceling as Mitchell's potential, laid back, successful new boss), Mitchell agreed to take the job.

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Luke: Manny and I are going to practice lay-ups.
Manny: They are deceptively hard. A curious mix of dance and strength.
Luke: You're ruining it again.

One day I'm gonna be a grandfather and then everybody better hide their meat.