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Joe walks down and is not happy about the 4th of July. Jay and Gloria are very excited about the holiday. Jay - "Amazing news. The Grand Marshall in today's parade just got #MeToo'd, and they need me to fill in." Jay and Gloria start singing, and Joe covers his ears with pancakes.

Manny talks about his cross-country drive. He talks to Lily.

Mitch and Cam are watching Cal while Pam is in prison. They're trying to take a video for Pam, but it's not going well.

Luke and Phil are in a hotdog eating contest. Luke is looking into college classes. Phil is training him.

Alex took off for the summer and had convinced Claire to hang out on the couch with her. Claire - "Can you scratch my nose? I feel like you're closer."

Haley's boyfriend is leaving for Switzerland and came to say goodbye to her. Arvin barely kissed her goodbye, as his car was blowing the horn outside. He said love you as he was leaving and she said she loves him too. Then Phil came around the corner in his hotdog costume.

Mitch and Cam are using editing and movie tricks for their Cal video. Lily is critiquing it.

Claire is still on the couch and has been for a month, and losing time. Alex has left the couch and is getting back in school mode.

Phil was watching a video of Luke eating hotdogs and could tell he wasn't doing his best. Luke said he's distracted by not knowing which college courses to take. Claire is getting stupid on the couch.

Meanwhile, Phil's TMJ injury is back from college when he bet he could catch more frisbees than a golden retriever.

In the hospital, Dylan visited Haley, telling her he's divorced.  Dylan "But if you're always telling yourself how lucky you are, it's probably because you're afraid to ask yourself how happy you are. Right?"

Dylan was talking to Haley about how he wasn't happy with his wife, and that got her thinking about her relationship with Arvin.

At the parade, Jay has been inspecting the troops (marching band), and Gloria brings him giant scissors. Gloria is going to fire the cannon. Tom shows up and tells Jay he and his wife are back together. Manny called Gloria to say he wasn't going to make it. Jay wanted her in a picture, but she thought it was time to shoot the cannon. 

The cannon shot signaled the band who marched into the uncut ribbon.

Claire shows up and is happy for Jay as Grand Marshall. Claire is off her game. 

Claire goes to get Manny, while Jay gets the apple pie and fireworks for Manny and Gloria to share.

Mitch and Cam show up with Cal, and they still aren't getting good video shots. They're disappointed they haven't taught Cal anything.

The hotdog contest is about to start. Luke's stressed about more than just the classes. He is scared he's going to screw up a community college.

Mitch and Cam enter Cal in a mutton busting contest where he rides a sheep.

Dylan is in nursing school.

Claire and Jay set up fireworks and Manny over video.

Phil and Luke won the contest.

Gloria and Manny shared fireworks and apple pie over video chat.

Lily is the motivation for Phil and Luke's hotdog training for next year.

Phil - "Hey. You there? We're having some trouble getting these bad boys down."


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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Amazing news. The Grand Marshall in today's parade just got #MeToo'd, and they need me to fill in.


Can you scratch my nose? I feel like you're closer.