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Joe is graduating from kindergarten and Gloria is having a party. She was cutting his hair and lopped it off.

Cal is staying with Mitch and Cam. Pam is in jail for violating probation. He's freakishly strong.

Phil and Mitch are going 9:02, Phil's quote ~ to a convention and they're keeping it a secret from the family. HeroCon

Claire and Jay are meeting with EzraVision. They want to buy them out. Jay flipped out. Offer is good for 48 hours.

Dr. Donna Duncan is having a dinosaur party, but it's much better than Gloria's party for Joe. The doc saw Gloria was having a party and did it on purpose.

Manny is afraid to drive across country by hiimself and is trying to get Haley to go with him. He starts to drag her out the door. Martha Stweart bed and breakfast tour of america

Margaret now works for ezravision. They have smart technology closets. It scans you and picks your outfits. Claire thiks their ideas are good and they should merge. Jay disagrees.

Nobody is having fun at Joe's party. The doctor fooled Cam into telling her about the party. She walks in to poach the kids.

Mitch and Phil are at HeloCon. Walking around cosplaying. Phil and Mitch got separated. Phil keeps making a fool of himself, after he knocked down a prop. He showed up at a conference with the crator and he let out a spoiler. Everybody starts throwing spheres at him.

Manny asked Alex to go across country and she agrees too fast. Manny realizes he has to go alone to discover himself.

They're all after Phil at the convention.

Claire is trying to talk Jay into a merger and he knows it might be a good idea. Jay feel ancient. They can't keep up with production, so they think they'll bite. Jay scares the nerds and they fell into the bushes.

The Norphs took Phil's all access pass away. Mitch sticks up for him. He gets the pass back.

Cam is trying to save the party and Ronaldo brings in a bunch of half dressed men. 

Phil talks Peter Pan into growing up.

Gloria sent all the kids to the party next door. 9:27 Cam's quote about weird kid.

Mitch told everyone he went to herocon. Mitch and Cam decide to keep Cal.

Phil thinks he has wisdom.

"Hey, you're blocking the driveway. Hit the road already." Haley

Jay can't figure out the automatic sink or the paper towel dispenser. He wipes his hands on Mitchell

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 22 Quotes

That's why we chose our secret warrior signal. My first suggestion was to blow a Viking horn. Don't google that, by the way.


Hey, you're blocking the driveway. Hit the road already.