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Phil is jogging and Dylan shows up. He's been following Phil. He talks to Phil about how he loves Haley. Phil thinks it was just one kiss. He doesn't know they slept together.

Phil: She's ghosting you? Dylan: For an older dude, you always kept up with the lingo. Phil: Word.

He says Dylan's a good guy and will talk to Haley for him.

Jay and Gloria are watching scenes performed by Manny and Sherry. She's annoying. She wants to be an improv star. Manny is leaving and Sherry is staying with Jay and Gloria.

The college won't let Sherry live in the dorm. Gloria is trying to be supportive. She thinks Sherry isn't annoying.

Phil talks to Haley about Dylan. She's torn between the two. She texts Dylan

Mitch and Cam are trying to get out the door. Cal and Lily are there. cal is a mess. Mitchell is trying to be second chair for a big case. He's trying to get 'in' with the guy.

The kids are fighting when they get to the other attys office. Their house is amazing. Their kids are pomeranians. Devan and Denise.

Cam is checking Cal so he doesn't make a mess. Lily has to watch him.

Arvin shows up to surprise Haley with the help of Claire. Dylan shows up dressed up like a giant heart and Phil tackles him before he's seen. Arvin missed Haley and it looks like he's over the kiss.

Phil loves Dylan's costume. He tells Dylan that Arvin is there.

Arvin apologizes for not calling her back. He was processing. He tells her he kissed a nuclear physicist.

Claire fires up the fireplace. 

Haley: Mom! Claire: What? I do this every day at 3.

Sherry is mimicking Jay during breakfast and is annoying Jay. Sherry is mocking Gloria too and she's pretending to be okay with it.

Mitch and Cam are drinking wine and talking to the other couple. Mitch gets a compliment from the lawyer.

Phil comes in when Haley was talking with Arvin. He tells her to go in and talk to Dylan and get rid of him. Phil wants Haley to make her own decision. Claire wants her to choose Arvin. Haley was talking

Arvin: So, this is the doll you slept with. Dylan: Hey, you're pretty handsome yourself.

Arvin is upset and attacks Dylan. He tells Haley to tell Dylan to leave.

Cal broke something important in their house. Cam starts to bite Mitches ankle to prove the dog did it and the other couple walked in and caught them.

Jay is encouraging Sherry's improv. Gloria: What's your game, old man?

Gloria tells Sherry she has to leave. 

Haley doesn't know what to do with Arvin and Dylan. They try to talk her through her decision. She chooses Dylan because she can always be herself. She asks to take a step back and just go out on a date.

They take off on his shooter. Phil and Claire walk down the road with their arms around each other.

Mitch doesn't get the good trial. Cam asks if he regrets having kids.

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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Phil: She's ghosting you?
Dylan: For an older dude, you always kept up with the lingo. Phil: Word.

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Haley: Mom!
Claire: What? I do this every day at 3.