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This episode was really all about their kids catching Phil and Claire having sex.

Yes, Mitchell and Cam interacted with another odd individual, as they tried to impress the mother of one of Lily's friends so they could get a table at her restaurant. And it had damaging, funny consequences, as the pair spilled juice on the lady's expensive rug and then pretended as if her son was guilty, only to take it back at the last second.

And, yes, Gloria and Jay stopped by the Dunpys' place because Gloria had to retrieve an email she accidentally sent to Claire.

But even this was just used as a way to get them involved in Phil and Claire's embarrassing tale. The couple wanted to speak to their kids about it, but Haley, Alex and Luke split. They bonded on a bench as they tried to figure out a way to NOT talk about the incident with their parents. In the end, they chose to do what they do in school: smile and nod, while thinking of something else.

This led to a great family discussion in which Claire and Phil truly felt like they got their message across and handled the situation well.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Forgive me for thinking your zesty performance deserves some praise!


Phil: We were, as they say, having sex.
Claire: That's not a euphemism. That's actually what we were doing.