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Valentine's Day was different for each couple on Modern Family. To wit:

- Cameron and Mitchell fought over which one of them the latter's assistant crushed on. There was never a definitive answer, but the couple settled for just being in a happy relationship by the end.

- Haley got dating advice from Manny, mostly because he wanted her to see him in a romantic light. But she couldn't resist the musical stylings of Dylan by episode's end.

- Jay had a surprise home meal ready for Gloria, so grew irritated that she wouldn't leave a restaurant to go home and be surprised by it. But once the pair did get back to the residence, Jay was the one surprised: Gloria had learned of his plan, shifted the band and chef to the garage, purchased a motorcycle and proved how intelligent she actually was. Gloria was excited to "win" Valentine's Day.

- The episode really centered around Phil and Claire's attempt to role play again, as things between "Clive" and "Juliana" were hilarious and awkward. But then practically illegal, as Jay entered the wrong hotel room and got naked. Plans were pretty much foiled, but they made it back home and snuck upstairs and, well... we'll just leave them alone for a few minutes.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

I know Phil and I are going to grow old together someday, but today is not that day.


Claire: I'll be upstairs, Clive, don't take too long.
Phil: I never do.