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- Gloria is concerned that her baby has been cursed. 

- Phil taps into a new market of divorced women looking for new houses.

- Claire defends Phil while proving she was right.

- Jay and Manny argue over Jay's temper.

- Alex tries to bail Haley and Luke out of a poker debt.

- Cam holds a pet funeral gone awry.

- Mitchell has a hard time giving up control with wedding planning. 


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Gloria (whispers): It's the curse.
Jay: Not that I ever want to discourage you from whispering, but that's not a thing.

Haley: Look I need more sleep than you and ever since they cut down that stupid prune tree the sun has been right in my eyes every morning.
Alex: It's not a prune tree, they pruned the tree.