Modern Family Review: The Divorcee Whisperer

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Spinderfella cut it up one time!

That's right, in this week's Modern Family we found out that when Claire married Phil he wasn't a realtor... but rather a wedding DJ. Writers, can we have flashbacks of that? Pretty please?

Of course, "Larry's Wife" focused more on Phil's current career.

The Baby Curse

It seems Phil has tapped into a new niche of real estate clients: divorced women looking for new homes. Sensitive Phil becomes the new man in their life, their best girlfriend, therapist and pretty much whatever they need. Claire warned he was getting in over his head and involving himself a little too much. Usually I enjoy when Phil proves himself to be right to the stubborn Claire, but this time I really enjoyed Claire cashing in on her winnings.

That scene in the grocery store did not go how I expected it to go. Claire's shopping because she's pissed that Phil didn't help out, but then she spots him...with another family. Two more of Phil's divorcee clients show up and hell is about to break loose until Claire swoops in. Now she could've called Phil out and had it all come crashing down, but instead she acted like he was the best realtor of all time and defended him, while secretly poking fun at her "alleged ex."

Don't worry Phil, I sleep with an eye mask too!

Elsewhere, the Dunphy kids were stirring up trouble. It always makes me happy when Alex is involved. We have to make sure she has fun in between kicking ass at school. Over at Jay and Gloria's, Gloria is convinced the baby is possessed. She's definitely not the only mother who has thought that! My nephew used to make noises that I swear my sister and I thought were in a demon language. The best part of that storyline, however, was Manny and Jay. Jay has a temper, but I guess Manny has his limits too!

You got a problem with Poppins, you got a problem with me! | permalink

Don't mess with Julie Andrews! I loved watching Cam and Mitchell try and balance the wedding planning. Of course Cam would avoid telling Lily their cat might be dead by making up an elaborate lie and having a funeral for Larry the Cat's fake wife. it was weird to see Dylan again. Is it me or was he looking almost alarmingly skinny? Can't wait to see more wedding planning with those two. They make what I normally find a painful task seem amusing. 

What did you all think of this week's Modern Family? What would make you slam a strangers phone down in the movie theater?

Larry's Wife Review

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Gloria (whispers): It's the curse.
Jay: Not that I ever want to discourage you from whispering, but that's not a thing.

Haley: Look I need more sleep than you and ever since they cut down that stupid prune tree the sun has been right in my eyes every morning.
Alex: It's not a prune tree, they pruned the tree.