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Claire is in the Chicago airport, worried about a fight with Haley. She video chats with Phil while checking Yahoo, Pinterest, and her email. Phil is distracted and has no idea where Haley is.

Claire checks Facebook to see that Haley still hasn't accepted her friend request. She calls Jay and then Mitchell in hopes that they have heard from her.

Then she uses her fake Facebook account to check up on Hayley, only to see that Haley's status has been changed to "married." She tracks Hayley's phone, which shows that Haley is in Vegas at a wedding chapel.

Claire calls Mitchell again to find out who Haley has been dating, but before she can get the scoop, Cam insists she buy him the popcorn he was promised before she boards her plane.

Between Claire, Mitchell, and Jay, they figure out that Haley must have married Andy. Then a package arrives, and Phil opens it. It is a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Panic ensues, only for Claire to finally reach Hayley and find out that Haley has been home the entire time. Turns out, the marriage status was a joke about a cronut, and her phone was left in Andy's car before he left for a friend's wedding.

By the way, this entire episode takes place through Claire's computer!

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Claire: I asked you to clean up the kitchen nine hours ago when I left for work. I come back and it's the exact same mess PLUS pickles and peanut butter.
Haley: I was running around doing stuff for my crazy boss all day, and then I got hungry, and then the smell from the garbage almost made me throw up!

Claire: Phil, honey, when I’m not home I need you to be present and keep track of everyone.
Phil: Sounds good. Love you too.