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Mitch and Cam disagree over whether or not Lily should participate in a talent show because she is tone deaf.

Gloria works on getting Joe to give up his binkies.

Claire and Jay talk about commercial ideas. Jay wants to revive an old add with a bad slogan, "Closet? You'll Love It!"

Haley is with Andy and a guy she's dating at a carnival. Andy waits to hear from his long distance girlfriend.

A drone is being used to spy on Gloria at the pool. Phil thinks they can knock it out of the sky, but ends up falling in the pool.

Joe won't stop crying without his binkies, but Gloria insists to keep him from them because she promised her mother.

Jay's commercial isn't going well.

Mitch and Cam each run into rivals at the talent show.

Luke dresses like Gloria and the guys try to trick the drone.

Haley visits Andy in the hospital when he has appendicitis, and reveals feelings for him just before his girlfriend shows up.

After a conversation with Claire, Jay tries too hard to act happy.

Then, Jay jumps in to help the others try to take down the drone, and they finally succeed, thanks to help from Gloria.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Manny: And just like that, it disappears.
Luke: In his defense, the water is really cold.

If you can't beat em, drone em!