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On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 11, the Dunphys and Manny almost get into a car accident on the way back from breakfast. It sets off a different reaction for everyone who was in the car.

Claire decided she needed to be less controlling, even though as Mitchell pointed out non-controlling Claire is still pretty controlling. She dragged Mitchell to go rollerblading and he ended up getting mugged in a tunnel down by the beach. He flipped out and made her give him his skates so he could get back to the office. 

Phil decided he couldn't let fear control him anymore and he was sick of always taking people's crap. He stood up for himself to Gil Thorpe and then strong-armed the appliance store into give Cam the dryer he ordered. Cam found Phil's boldness to be sexy until Phil decided to be an Alpaca.

In the end, when Phil spilled his glass of milk he realized that he was keeping everything bottled in. Luke decided to go through his bucket list. Haley and Alex bonded by accident, which led to a makeover for Alex.

Manny was afraid to get in the car so Jay made him drive. In the end, that only ended up scaring Jay! Gloria knew that Manny would get over his fear if she presenting something more important than his fear: protecting his mother.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Claire: We are having fun.
Mitchell: You are. I'm just doing what you're making me do.

"To our best friend." That's a little sarcastic. It's her birthday, eh.