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-The family is all at Jay's for Thanksgiving leftovers

-Manny feels neglected because of all the attention Joe gets

-Haley shows interest in Phil's real estate

-She only wants to know so she can spend time in the 16-jet  hot tub

-Claire is impressed with Haley's "work ethic"

-Phil is mad at Claire because she yelled at Phil for bathing with the ducklings

-Gloria tries to comfort Claire (but is really just taking Claire's wallet)

-Andy arrives to set up for the open house and finds Haley next to the over-flowing tub

-Haley and Andy fall in the tub so Andy puts their clothes in the dryer

-Haley and Andy end up turning on the fireplace and being in a romantic setting

-Right as they're about to kiss they hear someone come in and hide in the closet

-Jay and Gloria are trying to surprise the family with a trip to Florida, so they need driver's licenses

-Cam and Mitchell throw shade Claire and Phil's marriage

-Jay tries to distract Claire while Gloria feels up Phil in order to find his wallet

-Cam and Mitchell are excited to flip a mattress and they decide to visit Phil's listing

-Cam and Mitchell are the ones Andy and Haley heard coming into Phil's listing

-Phil comes into his listing while Cam and Mitchell hide under the couch

-Phil is into online role-playing because Claire has been working

-Claire thinks Phil is talking about their romantic role-playing

-Manny decides to use Joe to try to impress a girl

-Manny starts hitting Joe, after Joe bites Manny's friend's calf

-Luke and his friends arrive to drink at Phil's listing

-Phil's virtual reality goggles prevent him from seeing all the people

-Claire arrives at the house in a sexy medieval costume

-Ruben and Alex are also at the house

-Cam and Mitchell come out from their hiding spot

-Claire and Phil decide to continue their role-play at home

-Andy and Haley emerge, without getting caught

-They decide the house is what made them feel attracted to each other

-Haley starts to leave, but runs back in to share a passionate kiss with Andy

-Jay reveals that he bought tickets to Colombia, and Gloria reveals that her whole family came to visit

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Manny: Does this feel like a short visit to you, or a long one?
Jay: The pregnant one brought a stroller.

Mitchell: How about a show to go with it?
Cam: Mitchell?
Mitchell: Who's Mitchell? I'm Magic Mitch. Welder by day, stripper by choice.