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-The ducklings continue to follow Claire

-Phil wears Claire's bathrobe in an attempt to trick the ducklings

-Luke gets arrested after taking the car out without his license

-Phil is hard on Luke after his arrest

-Cam and Mitchell start selling barbecue sauce at the Farmer's Market

-Mitchell gets a job offer from the trout jerky stand

-Gloria attempts to teach Joe how to tie his shoes

-Jay reveals he's getting a "Titans of Industry Award" from the chamber of commerce

-Jay asks for help with making a video about his career

-Haley and Dylan get to the movies and the only seats are available next to Andy and Beth

-Andy and Beth invite Haley and Dylan to get burgers after the movie

-Claire tells Phil he's being too hard on Luke

-Claire and Phil see Alex outside the liquor store

-Claire and Phil follow Alex after she gets into a van

-Mitchell and Cam arrive at Jay's house

-Jay asks Mitchell for help with his video bio

-Gloria's great-aunt's sauce tastes better

-Cam is very jealous of Gloria's sauce

-Cam and Mitchell destroy Gloria's recipe by accident

-Luke complains to Manny about cleaning the duck village

-One of the ducklings escapes into Luke's neighbor's yard

-Jay continues to struggle with his video

-Gloria remembers the recipe as she hears sounds from her childhood

-Haley tries to tackle the awkwardness between her and Andy

-Beth asks Andy about inviting Haley and Dylan to the wedding

-Haley breaks up with Dylan

-Phil feels insecure about how tough he is

-Phil punches Ruben while Ruben is hiding in Alex's closet

-Alex is improving her self-esteem by dating Ruben

-Cam loves the sauce, but Gloria is banned from the farmer's market

-Mitchell tells Jay about the job offer, but Mitchell wants to open his own firm

-Jay tells Mitchell and Gloria that they can't go through with their business plans

-Gloria and Mitchell decide to follow through to spite Jay

-Jay reveals he was motivating Mitchell and Gloria by telling them they couldn't do it

-Phil finally gets the ducklings to follow him

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Jay: Why do I look so pale and sweaty?
Mitchell: Well, you're old and Irish.

Phil: Well good morning Leonard.
Luke: Leonard?
Phil: I know it's not the well-behaved son Luke who'd never take our car out without a license and get arrested.