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-This episode shows the events of the summer since the season 6 finale


-Phil tells the family Andy is going to propose to his girlfriend Beth

-Claire takes Haley to stop Andy from proposing, but Claire makes Haley hesitate and Andy goes through with the proposal


-Cam and Mitchell stress over Mitchell's mid-life crisis

-Claire and Haley are quilting

-Phil suggests going to the movies

-Jay and Gloria learn about the madness of preschool shopping

-Claire, Phil, Haley and Luke go to the mall/movie theater and run into Dylan (Haley's dumb on-again off-again boyfriend)


-Mitchell is experimenting with painting and Cam is sick of it

-Cam stalks Mitchell's old boss Charlie

-Alex and Sanjay plan their break-up for Labor Day

-Andy stops by to drop off documents to Phil

-Jay and Gloria stop by the Learnin' Barn, the only preschool left with space for the upcoming school year

-Joe catches and accidentally kills a chicken

-Charlie stops by to offer Mitchell a job, but he's convinced Mitchell is happier painting

-Claire bemoans the fact she stopped Haley from breaking up Andy's proposal

-Andy finally learns about Haley's feelings for him


-The family gathers at the Dunphy's house

-A plump Andy returns

-Alex is upset about her break-up with Sanjay

-Claire and Phil feel responsible for Andy's weight gain

-Haley overhears them talking about it

-Claire and Phil promise to stop meddling

-Mitchell tries to cheer up Alex with painting and she's better than he ever was

-Jay tells Mitchell that he should go back to work and end his mid-life crisis

-Haley and Andy finally talk about their feelings and end up fighting

-Claire and Phil overhear and decide to meddle again

-Alex runs to stop Sanjay; they decide to keep up their relationship long distance

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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Everyone has their strengths. I'm a great gift-giver.


What's going on Daddy, are we poor?