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Pam quote:

Mitch and Claire's mom shows up at Mitchell's house while they're cooking together naked.

Phil and Luke flew their drone into Claire's portrait, knocking out her teeth.

Manny and Jay wrote a short.

Dede is having marital problems and they're trying to get rid of her so they can be alone. They made her a helpful gift basket. Mitch finds out Cam and Dede are friends and he's mad about it.

Phil replaced her teeth with Teddy Roosevelt's teeth, but melted her teeth. 9:06 quote ~ Haley

Everybody has bad news to give Claire and they want to use the window to give her bad news.

Mitch and Cam discover that Dede has been manipulating the two of them all these years.

Manny and Jay are fighting over the short movie. They made the monster sound Gloria screaming at Stella and now neither one wants to claims the movie.

They drugged Dede and put her to sleep on the couch. claire comes home and she's relaxed and in a good mood. They don't want her to see Dede and ruin her mood. Alex can't make the mother's day trip and Claire is fine with it. Alex only got to tell her.

Dede heard Claire ragging on her and she made Claire feel bad and left. Manny quote :20

Dede showed up at Jay's. They're using her to distract Gloria so she won't notice that she's the monster in the movie.

There's a screening premeire at Jay and Gloria's called 1313 Devil's Lane.

Phil quote: 9:22 about Mitchell

They cut Phil out almost enirely. Gloria was distracted and didn't notice, but everybody else did. Then Gloria realized.

They're all jumping on Dede. Claire sticks up for Dede and Gloria stuck up for Claire. Gloria secretly encouraged Jay to work with Manny.

Phil breaks into his speech that was cut and it makes everyone apologize.

Mothers into monsters quote: dede


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

There's a box out here marked fruit of the month. I'm assuming that means one of you won a contest.


Her therapy dog got the flu, so I get to ride first class. Well, on her lap.