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Haley is meeting Arvin's dad. Claire is excited about it.

The crew is going to visit someone at the hospital (Aunt Becky) and it's across the street from an escape room. "She's not a juke box, Fonzie!" Jay

Becky has lost her memory and they're trying to jog her memory. Jay is going to steal his father's cabin back.

Arvin's mom is there too now, and they're all afraid of her. Haley applied one of Nerp's stickers.

Cam, Gloria and Phil are slipping away to the escape room, but they make a wrong turn and go to an authorized personnel only  "Hey guys, if we don't get out of here soon, we're not gonna make it to the escape room." Phil .09

Arvin is trying to impress his mother and is embarassed by Haley. He was offtered a fellowship, but didn't take it and the mother is blaming it on Haley. Haley didn't know about it, though. She stormed out of the restaurant with a half a dozen stickers on her arm. 

Jay is trying to see if Becky remembers the cabin. Claire and Mitchell are trying to use Aunt Becky's stroke to their advantage. They figure out Jay is trying to get the cabin.

Phil, Cam and Gloria are trying to escape the room in the hospital. Phil is in the vent and is stuck.

Haley (You made me feel bad about myself... .17) is yelling at Arvin and broke up with him. She passed out and is now in the hospital. Andy is her emergency contact and is now at the hospital!

Andy was in town for a convention when he got the call. He is seeing someone in Utah and she told him she's seeing someone too. Then Dylan pops into the room and said, "I came as soon as I heard. No, that's not true. I stopped for tacos." Dylan .22

Phil, Cam and Gloria are still stuck. Cam is freaking out. Phil is trying to figure a way out. Gloria is yelling. Gloria smells marijuana. It was hidden in the exit sign with the key. They kept quoting the pritchets and got out.

Aunt Becky was messing with everyone. Her memory is fine.

Arvin showed up at the hospital. They're all ganging up on Haley about her feelings. Alvin tells her he loves her and she loves him too. Then Rainer Shine pops around the corner with a teddy bear and says, "What's her forecast?" .27

Phil used his magic to get Aunt Beck's necklace. They were trying to escape, when two old people with walkers were blocking them. Aunt Becky was coming up behind to get her necklace back and they sped away.

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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

She's not a jukebox, Fonzie!


Guys, if we don't figure out a way get out of here soon, we're never gonna make it to the escape room.