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Christy becomes Rudy's reluctant escort to AA after he's ordered to attend ten meetings by the court. Rudy is not sold on the idea of AA and is trying everything to just get the meetings done and be done with it. Marjorie suggests that if Christy changes her attitude towards Rudy then she might be able to save his life. After listening to Rudy continue to gripe about AA, Christy stands up for herself and boots Rudy out of the car. The next day Rudy doesn't show up to work and when Christy goes to retrieve him he admits that she ruined drinking for him. Christy takes it as a personal victory. 

Meanwhile Bonnie and Adam are out of the honeymoon period and having a married fight over space. Adam feels like the house isn't really his since there's so much Bonnie in it. Bonnie doesn't quite understand the problem until Marjorie suggests that she let him bring a few things over. Adam does, easing Bonnie into the changes by placing a few things in the living room but then adding some more drastic changes to the bedroom. Bonnie isn't pleased but smiles through it, particularly the fish on the wall that Adam says he caught with his father. 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Rudy: I got a DUI, they suspended my license. so get this, I am legally required to do that thing you do.
Christy: Cry myself to sleep?

Adam: Did you eat the chocolate out of my nightstand drawer?
Bonnie: Sorry, I have to get gas today, I'll pick you up another one.
Adam: This isn't gas station chocolate, it has hints of elderberrie and sea salt and 72% cacao.
Bonnie: You're so upset you don't know how to pronounce it. I love you honey, but it's cocoa.