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On Mom Season 7 Episode 5, the group has a bit of an existential crisis when Mary dies at their meeting. The loss touches everyone in different ways. Jill laments that she never knew her. Wendy feels like she should have been able to help because she's a nurse. Bonnie regrets the last thing she said to her was mean. Tammy is shaken. Christy wants to do something to help. 

Bonnie decides to try being nicer as Mary's death and the result is odd. No one can tell when Bonnie is being sincere and it causes a lot of confusion and speculation. Meanwhile, Wendy realizes that she's a lot like Mary. She's the one in the group that no one really knows and it's up to Bonnie to pull her out of the rut. 

Christy's way of helping is to try to help Mary's grandson in a legal case. She turns to Veronice for help, but gets cold feet when she interviews Todd and finds him unremorseful. Veronica has to give Christy a lesson in how the legal system works. 

Jill decides to throw Mary a memorial and she plans it based on all of her favorite things because she didn't know Mary well. She gets the idea that maybe she should start a funeral planning service. She invites Mary's daughter and grandson to the memorial and Angela thanks Christy. She says Mary always talked about how nice her AA friends were and she always thought her mom was just trying to get her to go. Christy offers to take her to a meeting while Todd steals Jill's car. 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

You know when you think about it, god has a plan to kill all of us. It's just a matter of where and when. And how! Also how!


Mary's last moment on this earth was me being mean to her. I'm a horrible person.