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On Mom Season 7 Episode 6, Bonnie and Adam unpack some boxes. One of the boxes includes an old VHS tape from when Adam was a stuntman. Bonnie, being the only person who still has a VCR, decides that they need to fire it up. Seeing Adam with some attractive women Bonnie begins to wonder if Adam wishes he could still walk so he could be with someone more attractive.

Bonnie talks about this with her therapist Trevor. When Bonnie asks Adam about it, Adam says that the reason he doesn't talk about that time was because he was kind of a jerk and that version of Adam wouldn't have deserved Bonnie. 

Meanwhile, Christy continues to try to please Veronica. The latest task: getting Veronica's coffee, which proves diffcult when Christy encounters a vengeful barista. Christy tries to impress that she needs to get this coffee back to her boss otherwise her boss is going to yell at her. It doesn't work.

Christy asks Veronica not to belittle her, but Veronica responds by serving up the explanation that she works out her anger at the gym and Christy should be grateful when she "belittles" her. Christy is ready to transfer to another lawyer, but Veronica says that was advice; Christy was supposed to take it as "join a gym."  Christy cannot afford to join a gym and the conversation ends with Veronica giving her a raise. 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Christy: Oh, where's my phone? Where's my phone? Where's my phone?
Adam: In your hand. In your hand. In your hand.

Bonnie: You know you might want to tell your bride about all the self-help books you own before you get married.
Adam: It was a phase.
Bonnie: Did you ever find 'the child within'?
Adam: Yea, I married her.