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Albie is about to perform onstage at his farewell concern when Tripp and the cops come through the concert and arrest Albie for murder in front of everyone.

  • Jamie tells Nicky and the family that he's the one who moved Clive's body to make sure that Albie went away for Clive's murder because his father was who got killed by a drunk driver, Tripp, but he thought it was Albie.
  • He didn't go through with anything further because he fell in love with Nicky.
  • Albie kicks him out. And Luke punches him out.
  • Albie meets up with Tripp, and he asks him why Tripp is going through with this. Tripp reminds him that Albie has held it over his head for 40 years and it has to end.
  • Albie wants a farewell concert that night with his family before he turns himself in.
  • Kayla is going into early labor and it's then where Gigi finds out that Kayla is actually seven months pregnant.
  • Gigi confronts Nicky about keeping everything secret.
  • Gigi says she's done with Nicky and doesn't want to see her again.
  • Gigi confides in Earl about it and Gigi is upset about Nicky getting her way and that merger working for her. Gigi wants to burn everything down.
  • Gigi heads to Skyler to tell her everything about the family before skyler invests all her money into them. She tells her about Nicky helping to kill Dottie.
  • Albie tells Tate and Ace about what happened the night Clive died.How much he loves him and putting family first forever.
  • Skyler meets with Nicky to tell her she's pausing on the merger for six months. She tells Nicky the tour is off and Nicky says the merger is too.
  • Ace tells Ana about Ace. Catt catches them and is upset that Ana has been acting out since being around Ace.
  • Jamie tells Albie how much their time together making music meant somethinig to him.
  • Luke is upset about the deal not going through and Skyler says that she still has faith.
  • Nicky got Mackenzie to come to the show so she can convince Nicky to go on tour
  • Nelly tells Gigi about it and tells her to steal her moment, so Gigi does and sings Stronger.
  • Luke tells Nicky to go out there and sing with her. She does.
  • It's back tko Tripp arresting Albie at his concert
  • But the sheriffs show up and say that Clive's body was found on Tripp's property and Tripp gets arrest for murder because Clive was blackmailing him about the hit and run.
  • Jamie planted the body
  • Luke is waiting for Albie and annoyed that everything always works out for Albie. They have a confrontation and he brings up that they both have bastard children. Albie says he can leave the family, and Luke says he plans to and Skyler offered him a job that's much bigger and lucrative. And he's happy to see Albie run Monarch into the ground.
  • Luke punches Albie after Albie snaps back at him.
  • Nicky pleads her case to Mackenzie for a tour.
  • Albie goes to speak to Skyler and says she's lucky to have Luke and he never gave him the fair share.
  • Luke apologizes to Gigi.
  • Gigi tells Kayla to take care of and be there for the baby but she doesn't know about them.
  • Nicky got her own tour and nicky wants to co-lead the tour with Gigi.
  • Ana is the opening act and is headed to tour
  • Nelly tells Gigi not to trust Nicky.
  • Albie wants Jamie to help him run Monarch.
  • Catt meets up with Jamie. They had a plan to destroy the Romans and she threatens him because he's not out of the deal.
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Earl: Did they actually think they'd get away with?
Gigi: I think they just crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.
Earl: Well they should've crossed their legs. This whole thing shouldn't have happened. Sorry, I tend to hide behind humor in times of emotional distress.
Gigi: I hide behind Tequila.

I understand why you did it. But there are things in life that can't e forgiven. Betraying my trust, breaking my daughter's heart? Top of the list. So you need to gather your personals and leave. If you ever step foot on the premise again, I promise, I'll dig a hole for you.

Albie [to Jamie]