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Izadora and Alder monitor a test of Abigail and Raelle's new ability. They've been unable to recreate what happened to them in the wilderness. Alder suspends the tests. Izadora shows Alder a skull retrieved from the epicenter of their event. The Bellweather Unit is the subject of Fort Salem gossip. Scylla reports to Willa about her undercover work with the anti-witch movement. Willa tells Scylla that she thought Raelle was better off without her. The unit meets their coven leader M. M quizzes Raelle about Scylla. The head in Izadora's lab repeats what Raelle is saying. Alder welcomes the newcomers to War College. When Izadora dissects the skull, the brain inside is made up on mycelium. She concludes it was transported by Raelle. Scylla attends another vigil to victims of the Spree. Anacostia speaks at the vigil. She and Scylla go out for a drink with movement members Shane and Bonnie. The teacher asks Adil to sit in on the Mother Tongue class. Alder grants Tally's request to tutor Penelope. Khalida is feeling out the members of the Hague delegation to determine where she and Adil might visit. The delegation agrees to band together against the Kamarilla. Tally has another dream about the war in the jungle. In their Off Canon class, the students must find the source of a spell. Anacostia and Scylla agree to work together. Tally could see the sound and shut off a light, its source. Izadora traps Raelle and Abigail in separate chambers, to set off the phenomenon. It comes from Raelle alone, only when she is in real danger. So it had nothing to do with Abigail. Khalida tells Abigail she's letting Adil stay temporarily at Fort Salem. Tally sees the warrior she saw in her vision being erased from an old photo.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Raelle: What, so you want to keep being a lab rat?
Abigail: If it keeps us in the fight, yes.

Izadora: It's been like this for days.
Alder: They haven't been able to recreate the phenomenon at all.