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They're wrapping up Murphy in the Morning and Murphy makes a snide remark at the end. She says that Trump gives her Turrets

Frank wants to go to the Trump rally to get an in-person coverage.

Avery comes home and Murphy is watching the rally. Murphy loves hoarders and is explaining it to Avery.

Murphy falls asleep and Avery is addicted to hoarders.

The phone rings - it's Miles with news about Frank. He's in the hospital. He got hurt at the rally and is being airlifted to Washington.

Frank looks bad. Avery and Murph show up at the hospital. He went to go interview the people after the rally and got attacked. 

Corky shows up. She demands the nurse give him a shot of pain meds. 

Pat shows up because he saw the attack on twitter. Frank thinks he's his brother, Ron.

The boss shows up with a giftbasket. She wants to let him take time to recover before coming back to work.

Murphy ushers everyone out. She thinks it's her fault for riling up the President.

Back at Murphy in the Morning. Corky likes taking care of him. She thinks of him as a big baby.

Murphy wants to beef up security. Corky pulls a gun out of her purse. 

Corky got the gun when she turned 12.

Avery shows up at the hospital. He went to church for Frank. Holy Cannoli. It's their place.

Avery wants to go back and talk to thte people who were at the rally. Frank doesn't want him to put himself in danger. He's asking for Frank's blessing.

Frank: Take my blessing, leave the cannoli.

Avery is at the diner where Frank was attacked. He interviews people who was there. He interviews the woman who took the first swing at Frank. A big burly woman with a bad attitude.

She took a swing at him and he ducked, but the man she was with punched him in the eye.

Murphy: Well, frozen peas are much better than a real icepack.

Avery: Because?

Murphy: Because vegetables are good for you. Duh!

She's upset. He tried to be objective, but he felt like he lost it.

They wonder if people against the press is now the new normal.

Back at Murphy in the Morning. They're talking about the homelessness. People are choosing to be homeless. 

Murphy says to be fair, it's not only during this administration that there's homelessness.

Miles flips out, saying Murphy should've been all over the guy saying all the homelessness is due to people living off the grid.

Frank's out of the hospital and they're having a party at Phil's. The place is hopping. Somebody called Miles, and is heavy breathing over the phone. He's scared. He asks Corky to walk him to the car because she has a gun.

He's afraid to come back to work. He doesn't feel safe in America. He goes back to work. 

Murphy Brown
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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

No big deal, I'm just milking this for the jello and sponge baths.


Avery: This coming from a woman with a basement full of TV Guides?
Murphy: I haven't finished all the crosswords yet.