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The show opens with Avery Live in a bar doing his show. It seems to be about immigration. He has two people arguing back and forth on different sides of the issues. He was in Buffalo.

He comes in and scares Murphy with a headlamp on his head. He went out running, but now he wants his own place. She doesn't want him to go. 

Corky made banana nut muffins for Murphy. She really bought them at the gas station. She's really tired and so is Murphy. Murphy is supposed to meet with Ed Shannon. The topic for Avery.

Frank comes in and doesn't want Ed on the show. Diana wants Ed on and is threatening Murphy.

At the bar

Phyllis: As a matter of fact, I spent more than 20 years in one of the toughest divisions of the NYPD. Parking enforcement.

Phyllis chases the bar guy out of the bar.

Murphy and the gang enter the bar about whether they should have Ed Shannon on. He's baiting Murph on twitter. She wishes Jim were there. Jim shows up and busts in the room. He's going on and on about shorts.

Phyllis comes over to serve them and is taken by Jim. They flirt. 

The gang asks Jim's opinion on whether they should have the guy on. He says a firm NO. No matter what they say, he says no. 

He's saying not to give him even time. Miles wants him on because he believes Murphy can rip him up.

Miles: Who could take Shannon down better than Murphy? Isn't that worth the tradeoff?

They're debating at the table. He excuses himself to the bathroom - Jim.

Murphy in the Morning is on and Murphy is announcing that she's not going to do the interview. Everyone is convinced that the show's going to be canceled now.

They're trying to be supportive. Diana comes in slow clapping. She takes Miles upstairs to talk about the fallout from the integrity.

Murphy goes to talk to Phyllis. Someone is looking for him. It's Shannon.

Murphy: Ed Shannon, so many shirts!

He calls Murphy a coward. She calls him a fear monger. They're talking about immigration. 

Murphy: Aww, why pick on Australia? Their animals have pouches, much like your stupid jacket.

She says he's worried about his white man status. She says he's a dinosaur who'll be extinct. She's all proud of herself for putting him in his place. Miles says it was vintage Murphy Brown.

Diana is upset with Miles and he lost his parking spot. He's four levels underground. 

She goes home and Avery is there. She asks about Avery's day. She told Avery she took the journalistic high road. She was videoed and is going viral. She watches the dance mix of their videos and they dance on the couch.




Murphy Brown
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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Ed Shannon, so many shirts!


As a matter of fact, I spent more than 20 years in one of the toughest divisions of the NYPD. Parking enforcement.