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Nancy shares her suspicions about Lucy Sable's mom with Bess. 

Nancy, along with Nick and George, sneak into the only mental institution in the county to find her. 

At her aunt's request, Bess has a business lunch with Amaya. 

Carson calls The Claw and tells Ace that Everett Hudson put a target on his back. 

After getting caught, Nancy convinces the orderly that she's a journalist writing about the haunting at Larkspur Lane. 

Ace goes to Ryan for help, who tells him that he needs to get Carson out of jail to save his life. 

Amaya discovers Bess and Ace's texts about the Hudsons. 

Ace hacks into the correction's database and puts in an order for Carson to be transferred to the state prison. He poses as an officer and picks Carson up for his transfer. 

Nancy finds Mrs. Dodd, who believes Lucy is still alive and Nancy is her school guidance counselor. Mrs. Dodd tells Nancy she hid the key to Lucy's secret in the "thin man's book."

The cops surround the Drew house, but Ace tells Karen over the phone to check the prison footage for proof that Carson's life is in danger. 

Nancy meets up with George and Nick, and they notice that mold is quickly spreading around the institute. 

The attempt on Carson's life was in a blind spot and did not show up on camera. 

Bess offers Ryan a favor from the Marvins in exchange for helping Carson. 

Nancy searches a haunted room at the hospital called "The Whisper Box."

Nick tells George he wants to have a say in The Claw, and they agree to be co-bosses. 

After he pulls the fire alarm, Nick and George realize the orderly that's been helping them is a patient. 

Nancy finds a key card in the "thin man's book," but passes out and wakes up in an alternate reality. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Ace: Bess, you are well above mediocre.
Bess: You have to say that. You're my platanchor.

Ace: Did your dad put a jailhouse hit on Carson Drew?
Ryan: My father wouldn't do anything like that.
Ace: Your dad sank his own ship and killed the entire crew. More recently had me and my girlfriend run off the road. Carson represented you. He had your back after your wife died when nobody else would. Call off the hit.