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Nancy's name is being dragged through the mud by the papers after recanting her testimony.

Amanda agrees to take Nancy out to Moonstone Island, where a man wrecked his ship when he was blinded by a light coming from the land.

Nancy, Ace, and Amanda go to Moonstone Island. They find a girl, Birdie.

Birdie survives on the island by herself. She has a ligament sprain on her leg. They agree to help her and return her to the island.

At The Claw, the Drew Crew finds out that Birdie was on a boat with her parents five years ago, and it crashed. She, along with her mother and father, was presumed dead.

George's bird is killed and plates get smashed. Ash starts falling at the restaurant, and they decide to take Birdie to Nick's loft.

Birdie tells Nancy that beings called the fire souls came with her from the island. They are the ones that saved her when the boat crashed. She doesn't remember anything from before the crash.

The Drew Crew finds out that the fire souls are actually murderous privateer ghosts who died centuries ago.

Nancy helps Birdie remember her life.

George consults her mother, who tells them that they need a totem from Birdie's past to perform a ritual to get rid of the fire souls.

They realize that the fire souls are the ones that caused Birdie's crash. Birdie agrees to do the ritual, and they trap the spirits in a rum bottle.

Birdie reunites with her grandma and her uncle.

Nancy and Ace figure out that the fire souls didn't cause the boat crash, Birdie's uncle did. They go to this boat repair shop and find out that Frank was laundering money. His brother found out and he sabotaged the ship.

Birdie runs away. Nancy finds her at the docks and tells her that the fire souls weren't responsible for her parents' death. Birdie says goodbye to the fire souls.

Birdie's uncle confesses and is arrested.

George tells Odette that they can try to find Mary, her ex-lover.

Ace tells Nancy that he doesn't think Gil is good for her.

Odette tells Bess that she intends to be just friends with her.

Nick tells Nancy that he wants to turn the empty apartments in his building into a youth drop-in center.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

George: So Ace and Amanda are a thing now?
Bess: Oh, do we like her?
Nancy: She's competent.

Nancy: You and Amanda.
Ace: You and Gil.