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The Drew Crew work on a plan to trap the Aglaeca. They discover that her name is Odette. 

Ace, Carson, and Ryan go to a museum to get a dybbuk box. 

Bess agrees to meet Lisbeth's parents.

George trains Jesse to work at The Claw. 

The museum won't rent out the dybbuk boss, so Ryan buys it from them. 

Nancy and Bess go searching for a totem of the Aglaeca's death to put in the dybbuk box. Nancy defends Odette to a tour guy who believes she is only relevant because she married a founder. 

Nancy and Bess discover a portrait of Odette wearing a necklace. They searched the cellar and almost get locked in by Agnes Marvin's ghost.

Jesse tells George she doesn't want to work at The Claw. 

Nick gives Nancy a pair of ghost goggles he found in AJ's things. Nancy uses them to communicate with Agnes in the cellar, but she can't make out what she's saying. 

Ryan tries to bond with Nancy.

Nancy realizes that Agnes hid a cipher in the hymnal and it leads her to Odette's necklace. She finds a letter in which Agnes reveals her husband's crimes against Odette. 

Bess stands up Lisbeth and her family for dinner. 

Nick tells George he loves her. 

George apologizes to Jesse for being hard on her. 

The Drew Crew bring the dybbuk box to the sea and summon the Aglaeca.The Aglaeca gets angry when she realizes they're trying to trap her. 

The sand on the beach turns to seaweed and it injurs the Aglaeca. The Drew Crew realizes if they can hurt her they can kill her. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

The founding fathers shaved Odette's head and humiliated her and bound her with rope. And then they threw her into a dark and frigid sea where she was choked by seaweed and her lungs filled up with seawater until she couldn't breathe anymore. And then they stole everything that she had ever worked hard for. So that is your Horseshoe Bay town history.


We fill it with meaningful objects from the ghost's life and a totem from their death. That's the bait. Once they get drawn inside they're trapped.