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Nancy discovers that Carson has been sending flowers to the graves of the 1975 Aglaeca victims for AJ, as Carson was his attorney. He takes Nancy to see him.

AJ refuses to help and kicks Nancy and Carson out. He puts on his headphones and tries to ignore the ghostly hands that reach out to him.

Ace sneaks into the police station to steal back the last part of Lucy's skull so they can return her bones to the Aglaeca.

Nancy walks in on Nick and George kissing.

Nancy realizes that the talisman she stole from AJ attracts spirits. She gets attacked, and AJ comes to save her. He gets arrested for breaking and entering. 

Detective Tamura shows up at Ace's house for dinner, realizing that he stole the skull from his office.

Ryan helps Nancy get into the station to see AJ. He tells her that he surrounds himself with spirits to keep the Aglaeca at bay.

Nick and George try to have sex but can't go through with it because they're worried about the Aglaeca.

Tamura tries to search the house for the missing bone, but Ace's father kicks him out.

The Drew Crew returns Lucy's bones to the ocean.

After AJ escapes from jail, Nancy worries that he will return Hannah Gruen to the Aglaeca to repay his own debt.

Nancy stops AJ from killing Hannah. He leaves his talisman with her.

The Aglaeca destroys The Claw.

AJ is killed in the same way he wrote about in his book.

Nick and George have sex in Nick's truck.

Carson and Ryan go with Nancy to bury Lucy's bones.

The Drew Crew decide to finish building AJ's dybbuk box in the hopes of using it to capture the Aglaeca.

A spirit watches as the Drew Crew leaves the house.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

How do you keep a man-eating tiger out of your tent? Make sure to keep yourself covered with the most poisonous spiders you can find.


Nick: Three days, George. Three days to beat the Aglaeca or die trying. Is finding me a rental really a priority?
George: It is to me, okay? This is my way of telling the universe that in three days life moves on and we're still gonna be here. I'm buying green bananas don't try to tell me otherwise.
Nick: Oh my God!