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A figure dressed like a bride breaks into a florist shop.

Nancy meets with Val Samuels, who gives her advice about her future. When Nancy leaves, Val bags the cup she was drinking out of.

Odette takes over George's body, and Bess agrees to chaperone her. Nick has Ace look after them.

Nancy goes to Detective Tamura to find out what he knows about the florist break-in. He tells her it's a part of a series of break-ins. She shows him a surveillance video of the ghost breaking in.

They discover that the dress has supernatural abilities that suppress carnal desires.

Ryan has a photoshoot for Val's piece on him. Val takes a hair from his jacket.

Odette and Bess go ice skating.

Ace gets a text from his brother that he is coming to Horseshoe Bay.

Nancy and Tamura discover that the bride who wore the dress killed her groom. Nancy hypothesizes that the figure is not a ghost, but actually a living person underneath the influence of the ghost.

Noah, a woman working for Hannah and the one who was wearing the dress, tries to kill Nick.

Nancy, Tamura, and Ace save Nick. Nancy tries to destroy the dress but inhales fumes from it.

George wakes up, and she and Bess are handcuffed to a bench in the police precinct after a wild, drunken night. George doesn't remember what happened when Odette was in charge.

Tamura calls Nancy to pick them up. She can't control her attraction to him, or Gil when he shows up.

They go back to The Claw, where she has the same feelings towards Nick and Ace. They realize that the trapped lust in the gown got stuck in her.

They lock Nancy in the freezer to cool her down.

Bess reads that the Women in White locked the dress in the Historical Society. They sewed the dresses themselves on commission from a wealthy family. One of them was a Hudson.

Ace tells Bess about his brother. He was put in Witness Protection before Ace was born because of something his mother witnessed. Ace's father was the U.S. Marshal put in charge of her security detail.

Bess tells Ace that she is attracted to Odette.

Ace and Bess pick up an ancestral book from Ryan that details how to cure Nancy.

Nancy picks the lock of the freezer and Ace gives her the antidote. She gets away from the Drew Crew and is about to kiss Tamura when it kicks in.

Ace's brother tells him to meet him at the cannery. All Ace finds is a ripped picture of his dad.

Nancy goes to Gil's place and they kiss.

Val's article is published.

Val meets with Ryan's mother. Val tells her that Nancy is her granddaughter.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Bess: You couldn't do this in your day, right?
Odette: They would have killed me just for holding your hands. They did kill me.

Nancy: Thanks for having coffee with me, Ms. Samuels.
Bess: So, do you have the headline for the society profile, yet? I was thinking, "Ryan It on for Size."
Ace: "The Prodigal Hudson Returns."
Bess: Or, "The Hudson Also Rises."
Nancy: I think that Ms. Samuels has got it covered.
Ace: Just..Ryan to help.