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Nick wakes up alone in the forest. He has Nancy's address written on his hand, so he goes there. But he has amnesia.

Celia tells Ryan that Nancy is her daughter. He pretends he didn't know.

Nancy finds carved bones in Nick's clothes.

Ryan calls a family meeting with Carson and Nancy to inform them of Celia's discovery. Nancy's dads tell her that Everett will want to kill her if he finds out she is his granddaughter.

Ace's father, Thom, comes to the Claw. He tells Ace, Nancy, and Bess that Aristotle Fellowes, the tour guide, was murdered outside of the historical society the previous night.

The police found Nick's phone there and security footage of his truck leaving the scene.

The symbols on the bones Nancy found in Nick's pocket are from Younger Futhark runes -- the language of Vikings.

The Drew Crew finds Nick's truck. A device from the historical society that causes people to forget and remember their memories is hooked up to the engine.

Nick uses the device to bring back his memories. Once he has them, he makes the rest of the Drew Crew drive away because something will come for him now that he remembers.

A creature appears and Nick uses the device to make himself forget again, making the creature disappear.

Nancy uses the forgetting device on Celia.

Ace and Bess question Mark Matter, Aristotle's roommate. They find out Aristotle went on a trip to a Viking dig site for his podcast.

At the site, they find slash marks like the ones on Nick's truck and at the crime scene. They discover the name of a god that the Vikings worshipped, but before they can say it, they all wake up with amnesia.

Inside The Claw, they find a bulletin board with information on all of them. They have attempted to destroy the god numerous times. When they fail, they erase their memories.

After failing multiple attempts, they take the last dose of the forgetting device.

Nancy figures out that the more people that know the god's name, the weaker it is.

They use the device to retain their memories.

Nick and George lure the god away while Bess, Nancy, and Ace spread the god's name through social media. Their plan works and reduces the god to an idol.

Nancy asks Carson to come home.

Nancy gives Celia her memories back. She convinces Celia to not tell Everett for the time being.

Thom clears Nick's name.

Nick moves into Carson's loft.

Grant, The Claw's new worker, tells Ace that he's his brother.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Grant: Oh, this is not food-free.
Ace: You're not food-free, Grant!

So I'm a lying millionaire who couch-hops and has no home?