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Nancy is adamant about finding the killer before he strikes again.

She heads to the police station and is caught listening to interviews by lip-reading.

She heads off on a mission alone and finds herself trapped in a house filled with explosives.

Park saves her and Ryan is mad that she took him to a place that could have killed her.

They have a father-daughter chit-chat.

Ryan is struggling to come to terms with being a father and Carson tells him that everyone is just trying to do their best.

Bess goes to see Temperance and learns that her family had a lot of power back in the day.

Temperance helps her come to terms with her powers and teachers her a spell, but it had an adverse effect.

Nick and George are in trouble. George has lost her engagement ring and can't find it anywhere.

She avoids Nick and sets off to find it. Nick finds Victoria with it and they have a heart to heart.

Ace agrees to help a shifty dude out and finds out he is an accomplice in a crime. He tells the man to leave and gets threatened.

A podcaster says she knows the truth about the killer and Nancy heads to a cpmvention.



Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Sounds like an excellent hobby for you … do that far from here


Doesn't the community liaison officer get a desk? I’ll make one!