A New Mystery Unfolds - Nancy Drew
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Nancy is flying high, trying to keep everything running until she learns about whether she got into Columbia.

However, she finds herself trying to avoid Ace after last season.

Nick is avoiding George after her proposal, while Bess is having fun with different dates.

Nancy reveals that her father and her are not taking any of the Hudson money and giving it to the victims of the Hudsons.

The Drew Crew is shocked when a dead body arrives at the carnival ground with its heart ripped out.

As their investigation continues, they find a tent belonging to the man and learn he was investigating the family.

Nancy and Ryan bump into Temperance in the old building and she invites them and the rest of the gang for tea.

She says she's not that bad, but was exiled all those years ago.

She tells them that they have a dark fate ahead of them and that only one of them will reach their full potential.

They all leave, confused.

Nick proposes to George, getting down on one knee, proving that their love story is for real.

Nancy and Ace share a moment, but Nancy finds out she didn't get into Columbia.

When another body shows up, the Drew Crew realizes a serial killer is on the loose.

Nancy is offered a role as a Community Police Liasion officer and decides to stay in Horseshoe Bay.

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Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

George: Oh, so you're talking to me now?
Nick: You said to take the week.

Maybe I'm not supposed to leave Horseshoe, so I'm going to grow where I've been planted.