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Deacon can’t handle the fact that his hand is hurt so badly, so he puts a cast on it and starts to sell all of his guitars.  Scarlett convinces him to man up, so Deacon begins cutting off his cast.


There is a new head of Edgehill Records, and he stirs up the pot.  He tells Juliette he doesn’t like her new sound because it’s not selling, and he steals one of Rayna’s two artists.


Teddy continues to help out around the house, but eventually Rayna tells him they can’t continue doing that.


Gunnar can’t write a new song at all until Zoey plants the idea of writing about his brother’s death.  Gunnar then writes a fantastic song about it.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Would you like me to go have my own near death experience?


We've just brought each other so much grief.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Chris carmack tears so strong Tears So Strong Chris Carmack iTunes
Derek hoke sweetheart letter Sweetheart Letter Derek Hoke iTunes
Sam palladio adios old friend Adios Old Friend Sam Palladio iTunes