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Deacon keeps having dreams about dying. Caleb tells them he is getting the surgery at the right time since the tumor as grown, therefore taking him off the transplant list. Rayna has a chat with Beverly where Beverly says she'll be considered the hero for saving her brother. Rayna restrains herself and just thanks her for saving Deacon's life. On the day of the surgery, Beverly is taken in first. Deacon freaks out and asks Rayna to marry him right there in the hospital room. She says no and that they can have a proper wedding later. Still, they say vows to each other before he's taken into surgery. Later on, someone is flat lining. Caleb comes and says he needs to talk to Rayna about some bad news.

Juliette still avoids acknowledging her child saying she doesn't have time. She stops by Highway 65 to give Rayna her finished album. Rayna sees that something isn't right with Juliette. Juliette yells at everyone that they don't support her. She goes to Jeff's house and tells him she wants him to be her manager. He accepts. Avery meets with a doctor about Juliette's problems. Later, he finds her on the couch. When he expresses his concern again over her disinterest in their daughter, she demands he give Cadence to her to hold. Avery refuses due to her anger. She throws a glass snow globe at him while he's holding their daughter. He ducks and it hits the wall. Avery demands that she leave immediately. Glenn comes by and tells Avery that Juliette fired him and hired Jeff. Juliette, along with Jeff, convince Luke to sign her to his label. She performs as his opening act that night.When she returns home, Avery expresses his sadness over Juliette signing with Jeff, and the fact that she cares more about her career than her family. He leaves.

Jeff convinces Layla to stay off the internet and her phone. Bucky calls Rayna worried about Layla since every time he calls, Jeff answers. Also, the contract Jeff had her sign states he has power of attorney. Later on, she sneaks a peak at her phone and listens to a concerned voice message from Rayna. She then goes online and looks at paparazzi photos from Jade's party. She sees a picture of Jeff using her phone while she was passed out. She realizes he's the one who sent the tweet. While Jeff listens to the radio in his car at his front gate, Layla comes up and starts smashing his windshield with a gold club. He admits that he did everything she accuses him of, but that he did because he didn't want to lose her. A cop car drives up and they ask Layla if she needs help. Layla says no, and they drive off. Jeff says he's sorry, and they hug.

Will pretends to be straight around his father. Luke tells Will about the tabloid story and photos. He denies having a relationship with Kevin. Kevin agrees to say whatever Will wants him to say at the press conference, but he's not happy about it and not interested in having a closeted relationship. After Kevin says he has no sexual relationship with Will at the press conference, Will finally admits he's gay. His father walks out. Will and Kevin reconcile and hold hands.

Kiley wants Gunnar to come with him to Texas to see Micah. He seems hesitant. Caleb asks Scarlett to move in and she accepts. Both Scarlett and Gunnar have a hard time writing a new song. Eventually Scarlett texts Gunnar a bunch of lyrics. Gunnar stops by the hospital to play her the music and they end up singing the song. The lean in for a kiss.

Teddy decides not to help the feds since it would implicate Tandy. If that were to happen, then anything financed by her (Highway 65) would be in big trouble. He's taken away by police. The news shows him being arrested, but Rayna and the girls don't see because Caleb is talking about Deacon.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

You know what? I used to feel bad for not keeping you on. Turns out it was the best decision I ever made. You just lost yourself a friend, Jeff, and you ain't got that many.


Avery: Juliette, you just got home. You don't have two minutes to hold your baby?
Juliette: I don't have time for that today. I don't.
Avery: "That" has a name!