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After receiving two marriage proposals, Rayna must make the difficult decision between Luke and Deacon. After going against her sister's advice, Rayna tells Luke about Deacon proposing. Luke wants her to make the decision that's right for her. Deacon takes a different approach by declaring his love for her. In the end, Rayna makes the choice that what's best for her life right now is Luke.

After Avery leaves her, Juliette goes into meltdown mode just as she's about to audition for the role of a lifetime: Patsy Cline. Even though she breakdowns during her audition, she gets the good news that they want her for a screen test. The good news is short lived when she finds out she's pregnant.

Meanwhile, Scarlett finds herself on a road trip with a drunk Avery and a determined Gunner. While Avery drowns his sorrows at a bar, Gunner tries to convince Scarlett to stay in Nashville and not run away from her problems. After saving Avery from a bar fight, Scarlett tells Gunner that they're going home.

Layla and Will find themselves in quite the predicament after Will's confession about being gay. She wants out of the marriage and the TV show and Will eventually agrees. However, the producer blackmails them with footage of his confession from a hidden camera in their bedroom.


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