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The Grand Ole Opry is having a concert to mark Rayna's 10th anniversary induction. She asks Maddie and Daphne to sing at the concert, meaning this will be their induction at the Grand Ole Opry. Maddie wonders why Rayna and Deacon don't just get together. Rayna tells her it's complicated. Rayna calls Deacon about the concert, and he says he'll consider coming. Deacon decides to come. At the concert, Rayna introduces her daughters and they sing. Deacon plays guitar in the background. Rayna asks Deacon to sing with her. He comes on stage and they sing. Deacon gets emotional when the song is over and leaves. The next day, Rayna finds Deacon and tells him it hurt her that he left. He finally tells her he has cancer. She slaps him, and then cries in his arms. 

Scarlett is so consumed by Deacon's secret that she inadvertently sabotages her date with Caleb. She makes it up to him later by inviting him to a Rascal Flatts concert because she, Gunnar, and Avery got a gig opening up for them. Gunnar panics trying to figure out the name for their band, while all Avery wants to do is sleep because Juliette keeps him up all the time. After coming up with terrible ideas, Caleb actually gives Gunnar and Avery the perfect idea: The Triple XXXs. They end up performing so well that Rascal Flatts wants them to come along on six more tour dates. Caleb and Scarlett kiss. Gunnar looks on slightly jealous. 

Jeff and Layla continue to sleep together/work together. Since he can't exactly walk into Highway 65 with her, Jeff tells Layla what to say in meetings. Both are unhappy with how Bucky is handling her rolll-out plan, so Jeff releases one of Layla's songs on iTunes. Bucky isn't happy she did it on her own, but the response is good, so he'll have to figure out a different way to promote her. 

Will is nervous because Luke puts him together with a songwriter who's openly gay. Will acts like a jerk for the most part until they end up writing a really great song.

Sadie does an interview with Good Morning America where she talks about the abuse she suffered from her ex-husband.

Luke spends some quality time with his son, Colt, who wants to see Maddie play at the concert. Luke asks Bucky if Rayna would be okay with that. He says yes. Sadly, Luke looks uncomfortable watching Rayna and Deacon sing together. 

Natasha shows up at the concert to tell Teddy that she's being watched, and that now they're probably watching Teddy too. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Layla: Well, you sure know how to make a girl feel insecure.
Jeff: Well, I'm not your boyfriend. I don't have to tell you that you don't look fat.
Layla: Good to know.

Maddie: But you still love her [Rayna], don't you?
Deacon: 'Till the day I die.