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Everyone throughout Nashville quickly learns that not only has Jeff Fordham been fired, but Edgehill is shutting down for good. Bucky reminds Rayna this means all of Edgehill's artists and masters are up for grabs. Jeff is also aware of this and convinces Luke to start his own label with him. Jeff tries to get Luke to want to sign Layla, but he only wants Will. Will agrees to sign with Luke after Jeff reminds Will of how many times he's had his back. Later, Luke tells Jeff he can't do business with him because no one in town wants to work with him. 

Layla waits patiently in Rayna's office all day to try to get her to sign her to Highway 65. After listening to her new songs, Rayna tells Bucky she wants an artist like Layla on the label. Layla tells Jeff the good news, and he tells her Luke fired him too. She suggests that he could be her manager.

Teddy spends the episode trying to track down Jeff to talk. Jeff not so subtlety threatens Teddy with blackmail, again. Teddy tracks down Natasha at her home so they can come up with a story just in case. Unfortunately, Teddy has no idea there is a surveillance team watching and listening into Natasha's home and hears everything. 

Sadie turns to Rayna for help in getting the Pete situation handled. She tells Rayna everything about the abuse. They sit down with a lawyer and decide to settle with Pete. 

Scarlett gets emotional in front of Gunnar and he suggests they sing with Avery at the Bluebird. She also gets the courage to ask out Deacon's doctor. 

Deacon has to decide whether he wants to participate in a clinical trial or stay on the donor list. He spends the day in the studio with Avery, before deciding he will stay on the donor list.

Juliette participates in a photo shoot for Vogue. 


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Nashville Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I've made a lot of mistakes for someone my age, but you know I can't really regret them because without them I wouldn't ... All I know is that I've finally found what I want to say with my music, and I just want to be on a label that lets me be me.


Juliette: Glenn finally warms Anna Wintour up to the idea of me, and I'm wearing a tent!?
Emily: Correction, a designer tent.