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Rayna apologizes for hitting Deacon after him telling her about his cancer. Rayna tells him she will be there for him every step of the way. Deacon tells her he doesn't want her around while he's going through this. They argue, and she ends up smashing one of his guitars. Rayna still doesn't leave though. She eventually convinces him that no matter what, he can't protect her or Maddie from pain. They should enjoy their lives in the present. Deacon kisses her, and they make love. Later, they go back to Rayna's house where Maddie sees them holding hands. She asks if they are together, and they say yes. However, they also tell Maddie about his cancer. Maddie breaks down crying.

Scarlett, Gunnar, and Avery hit the road for Chicago to open for Rascal Flatts' tour. Scarlett gets nervous because she had her big onstage meltdown at the theater they are scheduled to perform at. Scarlett makes things worse for herself when she engages with mean people on Twitter. Gunnar and Avery help her out by writing a new song with her. They perform it that night, and Scarlett shows no sign of fear. Scarlett's new potential boyfriend, Caleb, shows up making Gunnar jealous. When Gunnar gets up the courage to talk to Scarlett about it, she's already made her way over to Caleb's hotel room.

Sadie runs into Luke at the studio after returning from her GMA interview. She then helps him with his new song. They eventually go together, and they seem to have a connection. He offers to walk her to her car afterwards, but she says it's probably not a good idea.When Sadie gets to her car, Pete shows up. They get into a fight when she pulls out her gun. She ends up shooting him. Luke pulls up in his car looking at Sadie in shock.

Teddy worries about his involvement with the hooker when she tells him she'll rat him out if it means making a deal. She needs money from him to leave town. He tries to threaten his finance guy, but that doesn't work. He then asks for his private investigator to look into his finance guy for any dirt.

Layla gets upset after discovering Jeff has a sexual history with the blogger they had a meeting with. Teddy accuses Jeff of only caring about himself, so Jeff shows up at Layla's house telling her he wants to try and see where their relationship goes. Later, Layla decides that it shouldn't be that hard. He shouldn't have to try. She declares they will simply be manager and client now. Will and songwriter, Kevin, come up with a great song that makes Luke happy.

Will gets uncomfortable again around Kevin and tries to write his own song. After failing and talking with Layla, Will returns to Kevin saying he wants to work with him again.

Out on the road, Avery constantly checks in with Juliette. After his show, he sings a sweet song to Juliette and her baby bump through the phone.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Deacon: I will be damned if I'm gonna drag you through all the hurt and the disappointment, look at the pity in your eyes.
Rayna: Look in my eyes. That's not pity. It's love. Don't you get that?

Gunnar: Wanna help me set up our band's Twitter profile?
Scarlett: We already have a Twitter profile?
Gunnar: Of course. We got to generate publicity. We just need a photo, that's all.
Scarlett: Why?
Gunnar: Well, if you don't upload a photo, then you're just an egg, and no one takes you seriously when you're just an egg.