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Rayna lies to Deacon about going to New York for meetings. She goes to Mississippi to plead with Beverly to help save Deacon's life. No matter how hard Rayna begs, Beverly continues to refuse. There are flashbacks that show a young Deacon and Beverly trying to make it as a duo in Nashville. Deacon meets Rayna and is swept away. When Rayna wants to bring both of them on her tour, Beverly refuses saying she's no one's back up singer. To this day, Beverly is still angry at Deacon for abandoning her and leaving with Rayna. Eventually, Rayna goes to Beverly's home and leaves her a check for 1 million dollars to hopefully sway her into helping Deacon.

Avery shows up to band practice with the baby which angers Juliette. Avery says he's not trying to guilt her but to show her it's all about balance. Glenn and Bucky inform Juliette that they're having a difficult time finding promoters to back her tour. She's not a hot commodity anymore. Juliette ends up throwing a surprise rooftop performance and Glenn orchestrates a helicopter to capture the whole thing. Not surprise that the whole thing is a hit. Juliette gets frisky with Avery, but their fun is interrupted when they need to take care of their baby. Juliette doesn't look happy.

Deacon walks in on Maddie and Colt putting on their clothes. He is furious and assumes they've had sex. When Juliette stops by the house, she takes it upon herself to give Maddie advice. Maddie tells her they didn't have sex. Deacon and Maddie have a semi-uncomfortable father-daughter talk and hug it out.

Despite spending time together in Los Angeles, Luke decides not to continue his relationship with Jade. They are too different. At Jade's party, Jeff gets angry when he sees Layla making out with some celebrity. She tells him it's so people will talk about her and make her famous. Later on while Layla is passed out, Jeff tweets a photo from Layla's account of her, Jade, and the celebrity guy. Jade didn't want any photos from the party to get out.

Natasha reveals to Teddy that she was wearing a wire when he gave her the money. She tells him the feds will be after him. Teddy gets ready to flee after seeing his daughters and giving them gifts. However, a friend who works at the U.S. Attorney's office tells him they will help him out of the whole ordeal. There will be catch though.

Kiley shows up on Gunnar's doorstep looking for Micah. Gunnar tells her he's with her parents and yells at her for abandoning her son and for cheating on him all those years ago with his brother. Later on, she tells him she didn't know Micah wasn't his, and that Jason had raped her. Gunnar believes her. Scarlett and Gunnar have a confrontation, and she defends her relationship with Caleb. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

You know damn well it should've been me with the big career, but you took that from me the day you took Deacon. You wanted him. You got him. You save him.


You need to run. You need to run away from me right now.