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Rayna and Luke shoot a Christmas special for television. Zoey is still crashing at Deacon and Scarlett's. Gunner teams up with Sadie to write a new song. She's looking for a new producer. Juliette overhears Avery on the phone with Gunner. She thinks they are talking about a new girl for Avery, but they are actually talking about Sadie. Deacon stops by Rayna's shoot to pick up Maddie. Layla and Will discuss their reality show images. They want to take a break from their lives. Zoey shows up for a band meeting with Gunner and Avery. Gunner tells them they are still playing the Winterville Nashfest festival, and a big time manager wants to meet them. Bucky gives Rayna the Rolling Stone issue. She finds out the journalist took some of her quotes out of context.

Rayna tries to call Deacon, but he ignores her calls. He has the magazine and is not happy. Layla and Will dress up as hipsters and go to the festival undercover. Jeff's assistant tries to give him a copy of Layla's recent album mix. He doesn't want to listen to it. At the festival, Terry, who is set to perform, is being interviewed by a reporter. When she mentions his family, Scarlett intervenes. Juliette brings Emily along to stalk Avery. Will sees a bartender kiss his boyfriend publicly. Luke thinks Rayna is obsessing over the article. Juliette and Emily go to the festival where she rides on a motorized scooter. She sees Avery talking to Sadie and assumes they're flirting. Actually, they are discussing the possibility of working together. Avery spots Juliette. She causes a scene with her scooter, and Avery yells at her for blowing the opportunity for him when Sadie leaves. 

Meanwhile, Jeff sees Layla perform for the hipsters. He notices how everyone likes her performance. He compliments her. Gunner, Avery, and Zoey meet with the manager. He says they could be on the road as soon as the following week. Gunner and Zoey get into an argument and Avery leaves. Deacon shows up at Rayna's again. She tries to explain the article. Deacon is mad at her for selling their story to a magazine. Terry performs to an enthusiastic crowd. Zoey yells at Gunner after finding out he manipulated the situation so everything could go back to the way it was. When the crowd applauds Terry, he freaks out and runs off the stage with Scarlett following him. 

Luke tells Rayna she needs to move past the article. She tells him she needs to make things right with Deacon first. Scarlett runs into Zoey while looking for Terry. Zoey is too upset to help her. Jeff and Layla take some time to get to know each other. She finds out he can play the guitar. Scarlett finds Terry but he's drunk. He calls her a coward for not getting on stage herself. Scarlett finds Gunner and Avery and volunteers to take Zoey's place. Juliette talks to Sadie, and apologizes for her behavior. Will drunkenly kisses the bartender, but he pushes Will away. Scarlett overcomes her stage fright and performs with the boys.

Later on, Will calls Layla but she doesn't answer. She's still with Jeff. He volunteers to give her a ride home. Rayna goes to see Deacon. She tells him she's sorry for the article. He professes his love for her again. She tells him to move on. At home, Rayna tells Luke things didn't go well with Deacon. The next day, Gunner gets a call from the manager saying the band sounded better with Scarlett. Avery talks to Juliette and thanks her for speaking with Sadie. Avery tells her he thinks her jealousy was cute. Luke and Rayna sing for their Christmas special. Will notices Layla never came home. That's because Layla has slept with Jeff. Zoey boards a plane to Los Angeles. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Rayna: I had to make a trade.
Deacon: So you gave him us. You gave him what we had. What was private. What you had insisted for years was private. You just sold it to a magazine.
Rayna: It was the last thing I wanted to do.
Deacon: But you did, and I don't get it. And I don't know how you're living your life this way.

Emily: You ever going to go in?
Juliette: No.
Emily: Then what are we doing here?
Juliette: I'm reading a magazine, and you're looking out for anybody who is doing anything or talking to anybody.
Emily: Oh my God, you are stalking Avery!
Juliette: I'm not stalking. I'm curious.